Pokemon Kelayapan

Pokemon Kelayapan

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Kelayapan GBA Rom

  • Creator: Koclox
  • Version: Final
  • Hack of: Leaf Green
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Kelayapan is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Koclox based on Pokemon Leaf Green in Indonesian. And It is now available to download.


This game will tell you the story of a young boy who is living peacefully with his family in their hometown. Every day they do their works, always smile and talk in a happy mood. And so, life goes on. One day, their happy life suddenly changes with the negative effects: someone is invading and attacking their hometown! They come from nowhere unexpectedly. Your family must let you escape and wait for a chance to revenge. Well, that is the time to begin your own story.

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  • The rare and legendary Pokemon will have more chances to appear in unexpected locations.
  • The Master Ball and Rare Candy are free to buy.
  • The wild Pokemon’s level is high.
  • A strange storyline.