Best Completed Pokemon ROM Hacks of All Time

top 10 best completed pokemon rom hacks

It is the year 2021 and we are all stuck in our homes, you understand what that means — time to feature some of the best Pokemon ROM hacks of all time. We’ll only be including GBA ROM Hacks on this list. There could be a few ROMs from a long time ago because of how great they are.

Additionally, we have added some minor highlights that we discovered to be somewhat intriguing. You can discover more detailed data and even download links on this website if one of these games catches your attention.

So, trainers, these are the top 10 pokemon rom hacks of all time! (not in order)

10. Pokemon Mega Power

  • Creator: 1158
  • Updated: July 11, 2018
  • Version: Beta 5.62 (Completed)

Neil/Tyra, a gifted scientist of Ivara Region, is trying to create a powerful Pokemon called Mewtwo. Neil/Tyra did it. However, this is not enough for Neil/Tyra. Because he/she want to make Mewtwo stronger. He/she want to turn it into a Pokemon which can mega evolve without ordinary mega stones, but unluckily, he/she has no money to keep it up. When he/she thinks that he/she has to give it up, a man called Kasper showed up. This man is a businessman, what’s more, he is the leader of Team Delta, a mysterious organization of Ivara Region. He said that he can help Neil/Tyra to finish his/her experiment. Neil/Tyra has no choice, he/she joins Team Delta. However, he/she is still wondering, why did Kasper help him/her? Should he/she trust this man?


  • New regions(Ivara, Lande, Sevii Islands), new gyms(Of course)
  • All mega evolutions
  • Some 4th gen, 5th gen, 6th gen and 7th gen Pokemon
  • Some new tiles(Maybe a bit rough,it’s not easy to draw them…)

9. Pokemon Vega

  • Creator: Pokemon Vega Team (Anonymous)
  • Updated: December 9, 2020
  • Version: 23rd August 2020 update

Pokemon Vega is probably the highest regarded of all foreign-language Pokemon hacks. Created by a group of Japanese hackers, it contains a new region, all sorts of new Pokemon and moves, and a significant challenge.


  • New region- Tohoak
  • 181 new Pokemon, plus 56 from newer gens
  • 70 new moves, plus 87 from newer gens
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Rematches with important trainers
  • Extensive postgame including a battle facility

8. Pokemon Ruby Destiny Series

  • Creator: destinedjagold

Pokemon Ruby Destiny is a series of interconnected games whose storey, depending on the game, spans several parallel timelines.

The first game, Reign of Legends, is about a young boy who travels the world, stopping the evil deeds of Luminous Cenaries and ROYAL DARKNESS. You set out on a quest to save the world from the shadow pokemon XD001 Shadow Lugia.

The second game, Rescue Rangers, is about a real-world human boy who is transformed into a Pokemon and transferred to Pokemon World (sound familiar?).
You join their Rescue Team after being found by a Chikorita and a Torchic and being perplexed by your situation.

The third game is about the alternate world that Team Go-Getters created at the end of the second game. (I didn’t spoil anything; you’re told that if you read the thread up there as the story’s context.)
In this world, a young girl aspires to be a Guardian Trainer, but the region has become chaotic since the DarkOrganization’s arrival. The young lady is in for some difficulties.

Fourth Game: Waking up in a beach, having no memory of how you got there, and after you saved (or not) an Eevee from Team Rocket, you set out on a journey, wandering through the lands of the Crest region, to figure out how you ended up on Starlight Beach and how you can get back home. Along the way, you meet human and Pokemon friends and foes, and their simple ways of life. 

Download Links:

7. Dark Rising Series

  • Creator: DarkRisingGirl

Recommended Playing Order

1 > 2 > Order Destroyed > Origins Worlds Collide > 3

Dark Rising I

The story starts with a Pokémon appearing before the player in a dream choosing you to save not only the Pokémon, but the world itself. You find out that your best friend, Pete, had the same dream, and the professor informs you that disasters and climate changes are occurring all over the Core Region. It’s up to you to find out what’s going on while encountering many powerful Pokémon along the way.


  • 386 Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova
  • Newer generation moves
  • Dream World Abilities
  • Pokemon will learn some of their best egg moves by level up instead of breeding
  • Challenge Nurse Joy for exp

Dark Rising II

The sequel bring you to the region of Omni Region to find out even more about the mysterious of the previous game.


  • Pokemon from every generation
  • 12 Gym Leaders
  • Choose your starter in its final evolution as your first Pokemon
  • New music
  • Day and night system
  • Physical/Special split

Dark Rising III

The Game will tell the tale of Zyro and Zyree who are the son and daughter of Zygarde. Zyro has the power to decide life and death, while Zyree has the power to restore life and death. For the past 9 years, the world has been ruled by Hoopa, who has brought despair upon the world. As either Zyro or Zyree, your goal is to defeat Hoopa and return peace and order to the world.

Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide

In the Ferrum region, digital monsters known as Digimon have merged their data with the DNA of Pokémon. You, Ryu/Ryuko, will join a team called team Dark Rising to investigate this phenomenon.


  • 193 Pokemon obtainable
  • 193 Digimon obtainable
  • Fairy type included
  • Mega evolutions
  • Physical/Special split
  • Gen 6 moves and items
  • HG/SS soundtrack

Dark Rising: Order Destroyed

Uncover the truth behind the conclusion of Pokemon Dark Rising 2, and face the outcome of the results in Pokemon Order Destroyed: This is a prequel to Dark Rising III.


  • Survival style game
  • 6th gen moves and items
  • Fairy type included
  • Mega Evolution Pokemon
  • Physical/Special Split

6. Pokemon Outlaw

  • Creator: Crizzle
  • Version: 5th September 2015 update

Pokemon Outlaw is not like the majority of the hacks on this page. This isn’t a storey about a brand new region with yet another ten-year-old kid setting out to explore the world. (Do you think 10 years old is too young to go out by yourself in a world full of dangerous super-powered creatures?) This isn’t the storey of some overpowered grunt from a criminal organization.

This is the storey of a homeless 15-year-old orphan who lives in the slums. This is the storey of his ascension to greatness in the Pokemon world. Most of you should be familiar with the world in this game. Kanto is the world of Pokemon FireRed. The maps differ significantly (new places and buildings), but it is unmistakably FireRed’s Kanto.


  • Different starter Pokemon
  • Tons of funny new dialogue
  • Slums in many of Kanto’s major cities
  • No crappy Mt.Moon or boring Viridian Forest
  • Major twist in Pokemon League that’s totally awesome
  • A romantic relationship
  • Take on the Government, the Police, Team Rocket, and more

5. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee GBA

  • Creator: Kevin Pokefan
  • Version: v6.0.1

A pair of FireRed hacks based loosely on the Switch games.


  • Pikachu/Eevee as your starter
  • Wild Pokemon out of battle
  • New maps
  • New characters
  • Mega Evolution
  • Galarian and Alolan forms
  • New events

4. Pokemon Gaia

  • Creator(s): 1158, WesleyFG, Flamebot
  • Version: v2.78

This hack is about a trainer (Logan/Alm) who lives in Sylon’s Cedar City. Professor Avery summons you to his laboratory one day. While travelling there, you discover that Team Mirage, the organisation that collapsed in Tyron a year ago, is attempting to make a comeback, and they declare that they will begin a “reform.” What exactly does the term “reform” mean? The trainer will travel all over Sylon until he finds the answer…


  • 3 Regions: Sylon, Tyron, Johto
  • Some Gen 4, 5 and 6 Pokemon
  • Some new tiles
  • Mega Evolutions

3. Pokemon Clover

  • Creator: 4chan’s /vp/
  • Version: v1.2

Pokémon Clover is a HIGH-QUALITY romhack with a brand new region called Fochun and 386 brand-new fakemons that put Quartz to shame! Clover has been an ongoing project for a group of anonymous posters on the /vp/ board. Started as a janky FireRed rehash in 2015, it has since evolved into a complete ROM overhaul with new maps, characters, storey, and a completely original soundtrack.


  • A full-scale adventure between two fully featured regions
  • 386 monsters designed by /vp/
  • Completely custom soundtrack
  • Gen 7/8 standard battle engine
  • Custom battle backgrounds
  • GSC-style berry trees
  • Wonder trading
  • Sprite portraits for important characters
  • New custom Pokeballs
  • Hidden Grottos and Phenomena
  • Reusable TMs and deletable HMs
  • A grand world rich with sidequests and secrets!

2. Pokemon Glazed

  • Creator: redriders180
  • Version: Completed

Today is your twelveth birthday, which means today is the day you get your first Pokemon. But if you were expecting a routine trip across the Tunod region, you’d be mistaken. A mysterious power is causing the Pokemon world and the real world to collide. A mysterious team with an unknown purpose lurks around the ruins of ancient Tunod. Three roaming trainers from the Johto region will join you as allies, as will a scarfed Pikachu hell-bent on vengeance. Will you be able to deal with it?


  • Choose from 5 starters
  • Three regions- Tunod, Johto, and Rankor
  • Dream World Pokemon
  • Pokemon from the Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos
  • Rematch trainers, as well as all Gym Leaders
  • All legendaries from Kanto to Sinnoh plus eight from Unova
  • New out-of-battle effects
  • Physical/Special Split

1. Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter

This hack attempts to follow the Pokemon Adventures manga closely, including nearly every event. Some events were altered in order to make them longer. The game has won third place in the PokeCommunity Hack of the Year contest in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


  • Updated graphics
  • Red, Green, Blue and Yellow playable
  • Character customization
  • Mugshots
  • Day and night system
  • Multiple regions
  • New battle backgrounds
  • New music
  • Level cap raised to 255
  • Physical/Special split
  • Reusable TMs
  • EV & IV stat checker
  • Mega Evolution
  • Fusion Pokemon

That was it for the list. Let us know what’s your favorite Pokemon ROM Hack of all time in the comments below!