Pokemon R.O.W.E

Pokemon R.O.W.E.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon R.O.W.E Rom

  • Creator: rioluwott
  • Version: v1.6.7
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: June 23, 2022

Pokemon R.O.W.E is a GBA ROM Hack by rioluwott based on Pokemon Emerald. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on June 23, 2022.

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Pokemon R.O.W.E is an attempt to create an open-world Pokemon Emerald with QoL changes and a high replay value, with diverse team building as the primary goal.


  • Explore the region in any order you want.
  • Following Pokémon
  • Tons of QoL Changes to get your team without having to Breed to get good Ivs/Abilities
  • Egg Move Tutor
  • Chose between 9 starters or get one randomly.
  • 3 Different Game Difficulties – Easy, Normal, and Hard
  • Regional Music Options(Chose between Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Music)
  • Randomized Mode
  • Double Battle Mode(Every fight is a Double Battle)
  • Inverse Mode(Inverted type chart)
  • Perfect Ivs Mode(everything has 31 ivs)
  • No Evs mode(Nothing has evs)
  • Random Party Mode
  • Little Cup-like mode
  • No need for HMs
  • In-Game Wonder Trades
  • Nature Mints
  • A way to change the Poke Balls of already caught Mons
  • Pokémon from all the 8 Gens
  • AutoRun Options
  • Up to 120 Tms
  • Physical/Special Split(This can be removed by an In-game Mode)
  • Daily Gym Leader Rematches
  • Level scaling based on your number of badges with an evolution system for both trainers and wild Pokémon
  • Re-Usable TMs
  • Mega Evolutions
  • Find rare Pokémon with the DexNav. (by ghoulslash’s)
  • Gen 8 Flying Taxis from the beginning. (by surskitty)
  • Name Rater, Move Reminder, Move Deleter and Iv checker on all the Pokémon Centers.
  • Decapitalized Text. (by Wyrserth and AsparagusEdu)
  • Press B to Surf faster. (by ghoulslash)
  • Pokémon Clover Soft Level Cap in Hard Mode (by PokémonCrazy)
  • Gen 7 Daycare System
  • A beautiful and useful Pokedex. (by TheXaman)
  • Gen 6 Exp.Share that you can always turn off (by Lunos)
  • Fly without the need for the move by having a Pokémon that could learn it in your party (by Buffelsaft)
  • Eon Flute
  • And more…


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  • Added a Mystery Gift System to the game, now you will be able to use it to get special gifts every once in a while
  • Added the first proper Mystery Gift, its a Shiny Eevee holding an exiolite it also comes with the special move Celebrate
  • Eevee now will have the stat of all its evolutions combined when using an exiolite (divided by 8 of course)
  • Added a way to Select the Title Screen you want to use along with the title screens of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, access these
  • options from the Option Menu
  • Added a Sound Test menu, its a bonus available after beating the Pokemon League, you can access it from the Continue/New Game Menu
  • Now more music will change by changing the Regional Music option from the options menu, it will even change some sound effects!
  • Fixed the bug with the Dexnav where it made it unusable on a Normal Save (It worked in Randomized Mode but not on the Normal Mode)
  • Now routes with headbutt encounters will ALWAYS give you an encounter when you use headbutt so if you don’t get an encounter on the first try that means that route does not have headbutt encounters
  • Removed the Rare Candy Limit
  • You will now surf faster if you have AutoRun Enabled without having to press B
  • Trainers will no longer try to see the player when running with the AutoRun Enabled
  • Fixed the issue when using the start menu mid-fly animation
  • Fixed the issue with the shiny stars looking glitched
  • Fixed some learnsets not working as they should (Minior and Oricorio)
  • Other little fixes and changes to the game


  • Changed the battle interface to look more stylish and give the game a fresh air
  • Now you will be able to find alternate forms in wonder trade (even some special wonder trade exclusive forms)
  • Now you will be able to use the Dexnav in Randomized mode and it will display the randomized wild table exclusive to your save
  • Fixed the game freezing while selecting a move with a trainer that had bad odds against your pokemon
  • Changed how the default grass background looks to look like in FRLG instead of a greener variant
  • Re-enabled trainers switching and hopefully fixed the issue with infinite switching
  • Changed how the exiolite boost works, now you won’t need to catch the later stages for the exiolite to work
  • Fixed the issue with the unobtainable items at meteor falls
  • Removed the mystery gift man in mauville removing the mystery gift spiky eared pichu from the game
  • Fixed Ariados not getting Gunk Shot
  • Made the special Minor forms available in the wild or in wonder trade
  • Fixed Octillery not getting skill link
  • Other misc changes or fixes that I forgot about


  • Divided the move tutor and egg move tutor to avoid crashes when the pokemon has the same move as the egg move and move tutor
  • Now the move tutor is unlocked after 7 badges and costs 4500
  • Fixed the bug with the cave in route 111 while the mirage cave is active
  • Misc changes to some trainers
  • Some changes to the costumes to show both in the map and the trainer card
  • Fixed something related to Tate & Liza and how they hand their stones
  • Other little changes to things I forgot about


  • Added 6 new areas
    • One Island
    • Treasure Beach
    • Mt.Ember
    • Kindle Road
    • A new area connecting Route 113 and Fiery Path
    • A new area connecting Route 111 and Dessert Underpass
  • Now there is no need for the Strange Souvenir, you can now evolve your Pikachu, Koffing, Cubone, or Mime. Jr, etc. to their Regional evolutions in Sevii.
  • Changed Dessert Underpass to be available from the start
  • Now you won’t find Fossil Pokemon in the Wild but you will be able to get 2 daily random fossils in Dessert Underpass or in Kindle road since you can find a lot of Smasheable Rocks
  • Changed how Dessert Underpass looks
  • Reworked how split evolutions work, now you will find Alolan evolutions(Raichu, Marowak, etc) in Sevii while their other forms in Hoenn, you can now also find alternate forms of specific pokemon like Vivillon, Alcremie, Lycanroc, Deerling and other in the wild or used by Trainers.
  • Fixed some split evolutions not appearing in the wild or used by trainers(Clamperl and Snorunt)
  • Made some wild encounter table changes(This will make the documents outdated for now)
  • Now you can use Lilycove/Slateport ferry at any time to go to Lilycove/Slateport or One Island
  • Removed the Fossil Maniac giving you daily Fossils since you will be able to find them in Dessert Underpass
  • You can now find Garchompite in Dessert Underpass and Charizardite X in Route 114
  • Changed how Toxitricity evolution works to match the official games(but hidden natures will affect the evolution unlike swsh)
  • Moved Moltres to Mt. Ember
  • Fixed the game crashing with a specific trainer in victory road
  • Other misc changes and fixes


  • Modified the elite four and Wallace teams to be more challenging
  • Now the elite four and Wallace levels will show as ?? in hard mode
  • Now you won’t be able to save in the elite four rooms in hard mode to make it more challenging
  • Updated the elite 4 overworld sprites to match the FRLG artstyle
  • Added drop items, now if you beat a wild pokemon that is holding an item, it will drop it.
  • Changed Duskull eviolution level to 26 instead of 37
  • Changed Tynamo evolution to 25 instead of 30
  • Changed Litwick evolution level to 24 instead of 41
  • Changed Elgyem evolution level to 28 intead of 42
  • Changed Goomy evolution level to 30 instead of 40
  • Changed Snom evolution to be at level 30 in the night
  • Gave Muscle Band as a held item to wild Scrafty
  • Changed how exiolite works for stone/trade/move evolutions, now it will get the boost after your pokemon reach a certain level
  • and at this level, you will also see their evolutions in the wild and used by trainers instead of taking into account your badge count
    • Pikachu – Level 30 Vulpix – Level 25 Gloom – Level 36
    • Growlithe – Level 25 Machoke – Level 42 Weepinbell – Level 36
    • Magneton – Level 42 Shellder – Level 26 Haunter – Level 42
    • Onix – Level 32 Exeggcute – Level 30 Lickitung – Level 33
    • Rhydon – Level 45 Tangela – Level 38 Seadra – Level 42
    • Scyther – Level 35 Electabuzz – Level 38 Magmar – Level 38
    • Staryu – Level 26 Porygon – Level 22 Jigglypuff – Level 30
    • Nidorina – Level 36 Nidorino – Level 36 Haunter – Level 42
    • Kadabra – Level 36 Graveler – Level 42 Togetic – Level 36
    • Aipom – Level 32 Sunkern – Level 22 Yanma – Level 33
    • Murkor – Level 30 Misdreavus – Level 26 Gligar – Level 26
    • Sneasel – Level 28 Piloswine – Level 45 Porygon2 – Level 40(4)
    • Lombre – Level 34 Nuzleaf – Level 34 Skitty – Level 28
    • Nosepass – Level 33 Feebas – Level 20 Dusclops – Level 40
    • Clamperl – Level 26 Bonsly – Level 20 MimeJr – Level 20
    • Mantyke – Level 28 Pansage – Level 22 Pansear – Level 22
    • Panpour – Level 22 Munna – Level 26 Boldore – Level 40
    • Woobat – Level 26 Gurdurr – Level 40 Cottonee – Level 22
    • Petilil – Level 22 Mincinno – Level 24 Karrablast – Level 28
    • Eelektrik – Level 40 Lampent – Level 42 Spritzee – Level 26
    • Swirlix – Level 26 Pumpkaboo – Level 30 Phantump – Level 30
    • Charjabug – Level 42 Crabrawler – Level 32 Steenee – Level 28
    • Poipole – Level 42 Floette – Level 32
    • Sandshrew Alola – Level 22 Vulpix Alola – Level 25 Graveler Alola – Level 42
    • Darumaka Alola – Level 35
  • Other bugfixes


  • Removed levitate from all the pokemon that can have it and gave them ground immunity that is not ability dependent
  • Gave pokemon that used to have to Levitate new abilities(Some of these may change in the near future)
    • Gastly Family -> Cursed Body
    • Koffing Family -> Stench and Neutralizing Gas (not working)
    • Weezing Galarian -> White Smoke, Neutralizing Gas, and Misty Surge
    • Misdreavus Family -> Magician and Cursed Body
    • Unown -> Psychic Surge
    • Vibrava -> Sheer Force, Cacaphony, and Arena Trap
    • Flygon -> Sheer Force, Sand Stream, and Arena Trap
    • Solrock -> Solar Power and Telepathy
    • Lunatone -> Magnet Pull and Intimidate
    • Baltoy Family -> Forewarn and Magic Guard
    • Duskull -> Prankster and Frisk
    • Chimecho Family -> Cacophony and Forewarn
    • Latios and Latias -> Telepathy
    • Bronzor -> Heatproof and Heavy Metal
    • Carnivine -> Strong Jaw and Gluttony
    • Rotom -> Motor Drive
    • Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie -> Telepathy
    • Cresselia -> Magic Guard
    • Tynamo and Eelektrik -> Suction Cups
    • Eelektross -> Strong Jaw
    • Cryogonal -> Snow Warning and Snow Cloak
    • Hydreigon -> Hustle and Regenerator
    • Vikavolt -> Battery and Mold Breaker
    • Giratina(Origin) -> Pressure and Telepathy
  • Dusknoir and Magnemite Family both gain ground immunity
  • Made a lot of berries available at Lavaridge
  • Cut is now a Steel-type move that hits Grass-type super effectively
  • Boosted Trap Moves Accuracy and power
  • Cacophony now boosts sound moves accuracy
  • Cacophony now won’t hit ghost types pokemon with normal sound-based moves
  • Some misc changes to specific Pokemon that I will document at some point(I swear)
  • Fixed LR Buttons not working if you used to have the options Button Mode to anything different than the LR Mode in some past updates
  • Fixed some other bugs

Useful Stuff



Previous Versions


  • Where can I find [Evolution Stone]?
    – All the evolution items are sold in Lilycove Dept after you get 4 badges.
  • Are every Pokémon Available in this game?
    – Every Pokémon is available in some form with the exceptions of some Mythicals and Legendaries that are going to be added to the game in a future update.
  • What is the Surprise Me Option in the starter selection?
    – It gives you any First Stage Pokémon randomly(the only exceptions are mythical and legendaries).
  • How can I evolve Pokémon that evolve by trade?
    – Go to the Name Rater house in Slateport, talk to the Tradeback Guy, and chose the Pokémon you want to evolve.
  • How many badges do I need to use the Egg Move Tutor or the TM Move Tutor on every Pokémon Center?
    – For the Egg Move Tutor, you need 6 badges and for the TM Move Tutor, you need 8.
  • Can I change my Pokémon Abilities/Natures?
    – Yes, to change the ability of your Pokémon for the other normal Ability you need an Ability Capsule that can be bought in Oldale Town in the house behind the Pokémon Center, and for a Hidden ability you need an Ability Patch, you can get it in Pacifidlog Town in exchange for 1 Yellow Shard
  • How does [Pokémon] Evolves
    – You can check the in-game Pokédex to see how the Pokémon Evolves and a lot of other useful information(Base Stats, Abilities, Movesets, Ev Yield, etc).
  • What is the shiny rate in this game?
    – The Shiny Rate is the same as Vanilla emerald but if you want to shiny hunt, I highly recommend using the DexNav.
  • What Mythicals/Legendaries are obtainable?
    – Articuno, Moltres, Mew, Entei, Ho-oh, Lugia, Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Latios, Latias, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Heatran, and Shaymin


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