Pokemon Quarantine Crystal

Pokemon Quarantine Crystal

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Quarantine Crystal GBC ROM Hack

  • Creator: GiantPigeon
  • Version: Demo 0.803
  • Hack of: Crystal
  • Updated: February 18, 2024
  • Status: The current demo v0.803 features all of Johto and several cities in Kanto.

Pokemon Quarantine Crystal is a GBC ROM Hack by GiantPigeon based on Pokemon Crystal in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on February 18, 2024.

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This started as an art project by spriter and artist DazzyDeer back in May, where he began designing a Fakemon dex based off of randomly rolled prompts (the “QuarantineDex” project on 4chan’s /vp/). The goal of the project is to make the most out of the nasty situation that global quarantine is, so the project started small in scope – just replace gen 2’s roster with the fakemon – but grew to add features like the phys/spec split, and became a collaborative effort with randoms on /vp/ who contributed minisprites, assets, and more. Experience a region with completely new Pokemon! You never know what you’ll find next!


  • 200+ new Pokemon, complete with unique cries and icons.
  • New trainer classes to challenge, new music to listen to, and new areas to explore.
  • An entirely new, revamped tileset.
  • New quests and collectibles, such as Trading Cards.
  • A revamped HM system, learning the moves is no longer required for traversal.
  • Super Gameboy Border, but only for use on emulator BGB.
  • Physical/special split, increased level curve, new and changed moves, and no revives in battle for an enhanced battle experience.
  • QoL changes and bug fixes aplenty – Move reminder, reusable TMs, Gen V+ repel system, exp for catching, berry pocket and expanded bag space, Apricorn Balls functioning properly, daycare man waits outside, and more!

Changelog v0.803

  • Fixed a bug where MysticalMan giving you a card would crash the game
  • New tileset for both regions
  • An almost entire revamp of the in-game sprites by latenightagain
  • New mini sprites for majority of the pokemon
  • Kanto adventure has begun, half of the Gym battles are available
  • Several new songs by Toothpaste
  • New areas scattered in Johto, such as Tidal Cave, Taiko Festival Grounds, and Garden Glade
  • Some moves like Whirlpool and Submission have been cut, some moves like Dive have taken their place
  • A minor Battle Facility in Kanto: an updated version of the Fighting Dojo
  • HMs are now TMs, and there are new TMs like Moonblast and Spike Cannon


Why are the people blue?

Why is it called Quarantine? Is this political?

Why isn’t VBA working?

How much content is in the demo?

Where is the move reminder?

Where is the move deleter?

Why did Constrict deal super effective damage?

Why is there this one very specific high-level wild pokemon early on?

How do I get rid of the goose?


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