The Strongest Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO

best shadow pokemon

Which Pokemon is at the top now that Shadow Pokemon have dominated the Pokemon GO meta with their boosted Attack stats?

Shadow Pokemon, as trainers may be aware, receive a 20% boost to their Attack stat. The disadvantage is that their Defense is reduced by 20%. Many offensive Pokemon now have a much stronger advantage than their original or purified forms.

As a result, PvP has been flooded with Shadow Pokemon on trainers’ teams, and Pokemon GO tier lists now include multiple Shadow Pokemon in high classes. So, which of these Pokemon is the most powerful now that they’ve become so powerful?

The answer to this question may not be appealing to most trainers, who may prefer to learn about other Shadow Pokemon that are more easily accessible. In this case, however, there is no need to mince words: Shadow Mewtwo is the best Shadow Pokemon.

Of course, it’s one of the game’s rarest Pokemon, but for good reason. Shadow Mewtwo now has a 360 Attack stat as a result of the stat change. That’s enough to defeat Tier 3 Raid bosses and possibly Tier 5 Raid bosses as well. Psycho Cut into Psystrike has a solid DPS of 27.69. Shadow Mewtwo gains access to Shadow Ball as well, making it an excellent counter to other Psychic-type Pokemon.

While Psystrike and Shadow Ball are both excellent charge moves, Shadow Mewtwo has a diverse movepool that makes it more difficult to prepare for. Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Focus Blast are all available. This means it can prepare for almost any threat.

The sad part is that, unless they beat Giovanni during the month Shadow Mewtwo spawned from beating him, most trainers are unlikely to have Shadow Mewtwo on hand. Fortunately, trainers have a better chance of catching a couple of other strong Shadow Pokemon.

Despite the fact that strong Fighting-types are plentiful nowadays, Shadow Machamp may be the best of them. This Pokemon has about 281 Attack in Shadow form. This would significantly increase the DPS of its Karate Chop into Dynamic Punch.

Shadow Weavile is yet another outstanding Pokemon. Its 243 Attack stat is increased to just under 292. This makes Snarl a very powerful fast move, as it deals 14 damage and charges 14 Energy. Trainers will be able to use powerful Avalanches more quickly as a result of this.

Shadow Charizard is another Pokemon that can be a major threat. This is due to the fact that Blast Burn can deal a lot of neutral damage in the sun. It only has slightly less than 268 Attack in Shadow form (which is still very good), but due to the movepool, it will inflict high DPS regardless.