Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer: How To Use Cheats

Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer: How To Use Cheats

Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer or Pokemon Quetzal is an enhanced remake of Pokemon Emerald with a Multiplayer feature. The game follows the same plot as the original and does not differ significantly from Pokemon Emerald. Cheats can be used to help players advance in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer. However, in order to do so, players must enable the cheats mode.

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Below, we explain how players can use cheats in the game. In addition, we spoke about some of the cheats in the game and how they work.

How To Unlock Cheats In Pokemon Quetzal?

It is quite easy to unlock cheats in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer. To enable cheats in the game, players just need to follow the instructions described below.

  • Start Pokemon Quetzal.
  • In the game mode, players will need to choose the Cheats mode.
How to Use Cheats in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer
  • Now, players can start a new game.
  • Once the game has started, you need to go to the Start menu.
  • Here, you will see a number of options like Pokemon, Bag, Ash, Save, Option, MPlayer, and Misc. You need to click on the Misc option.
How to Use Cheats in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer
  • Here, you’ll will see four options – PC, Eggs, Cheats, and Cancel.
How to Use Cheats in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer
  • Click on cheats, and enjoy!

What Cheats Are Currently Available For Use?

The Cheats option in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer has four categories. Utilities, Flags, Variables, and Give X are examples. Let’s take a quick look at each of these categories.


How to Use Cheats in Pokemon Quetzal

There are four cheats in the “Utilities” section. These include the Heal Party option, which allows players to heal their Pokemon from wherever. It also allows players to fly or teleport throughout the map.

Flags & Variables

With these two options, players can obtain a variety of Gym badges, flags, and confrontations. Furthermore, these options allow gamers to change a variety of settings.

Give X

How to Use Cheats in Pokemon Quetzal

These are the most important cheats in the game. Players can obtain any item in the game by using Give item XXXX. Alternatively, using the Fill Bag option, players can obtain all items in the game. The Pkm (lvl) option grants the player access to any Pokemon of any level. The Pkm (l,s,n,a,IV,mov) option allows players to further tailor their Pokemon selection. Players can choose whether the Pokemon is Shiny or not, as well as its nature.

The Max Money cheat obviously provides players unlimited money in the game. The Fill PC and Eggs options, depending on the cheat selected, fill the player’s PC with Pokemon or Eggs.

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