Pokemon Azure Platinum

Pokemon Azure Platinum Version (NDS)

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Azure Platinum NDS ROM Hack

  • Creator: memoryz57
  • Version: Final
  • Hack of: Platinum 
  • Released: April 23, 2024

Pokemon Azure Platinum is an NDS ROM Hack by memoryz57 based on Pokemon Platinum in English & French. And it is now available to download. The game was released on April 23, 2024.

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About the Game

This game makes you rediscover the Sinnoh Region while incorporating elements of the anime series and by making the game harder to give a bigger challenge to the player.

In this new adventure, you play as a Pokémon trainer who has the goal of becoming the Pokemon Master of the Sinnoh Region.

During your adventure, you will meet many friends, rivals, and enemies, as well as stronger and rarer Pokemon.

Story Changes

New characters and story arcs of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime have been added:

  • You will meet new characters of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime
  • You will participate in new tournaments inspired by those of the anime
  • You will meet key characters of the franchise that didn’t appear in the original game
  • The postgame has been largely expanded and you will be able to participate in Operation AZURE, an Sinnohian equivalent of the Delta Episode, which will lead you to the legendary Pokemon Arceus
  • During your adventure, you will be able to catch all 493 Pokémon of the 4 first generations
  • Some moves from future generations have been implemented (High Horsepower, Volt Switch, Solar Blade, …)
  • Some moves such as OHKO Moves or status moves have been reworked to make them fairer

Battle Changes

Trainer battles have been overhauled to give you a more exciting experience:

  • Every trainer possesses a new team with more Pokémon, stronger Pokémon, as well as optimal items and movesets
  • Many trainers are now mandatory, you cannot walk past them without fighting them anymore
  • New bosses have been added to fill some of the more empty areas of the game
  • You cannot use any healing or boosting item during a battle
  • Set Mode is mandatory and will make you play on an equal footing with the AI
  • A progressive hard Level Cap has been implemented, your Pokemon’s levels cannot be higher than those of the next boss
  • Nuzlocke Mode is available, preventing you from healing fainted Pokémon
  • Your Pokemon do not gain EVs

The level 100 postgame will make you fight a multitude of overpowered trainers around the Sinnoh Region. Some might even use legendary Pokemon…

Other Changes

  • You possess a Porta-PC with functionalities that expand during the story. No need to go back to the Pokecenter to heal and change your team!
  • The game has been greatly sped up: the framerate is now uncapped and healthbars scroll way quicker than in the original game
  • You can buy an infinite number of Rare Candies so you don’t have to grind for hours
  • Every TM is unlimited-use
  • The need for HM use has been greatly reduced

Known Bugs

  • Visual issue during the starter selection screen
  • The game might freeze if the Porta-PC is used before using the regular one in a Pokemon Center
  • The game might freeze when using the “Prof. Oak’s PC” option on the Porta-PC
  • The game might freeze during the many tournaments of the game, it is important to save when the game asks you to do it

If you happen to encounter other bugs, please contact Memory5ty7, the creator of the game on their Discord.

The game has only been tested on an emulator. You might encounter unknown issues while playing on console.


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