How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android

How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android

Fan Made Pokemon Games or RPG Maker XP Pokemon Games are another type of Pokemon games playable that are made to be played on Windows PCs. They don’t run on an emulator, but, there is a workaround to play them on your Android phone. So, without further ado here’s How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android!

What You Need to Get Started

Before getting into the actual procedure of playing the game, you need to make sure of a couple of things first.

  • Make sure that your phone has one of the recent versions of Android. You might face low frame rates or frequent stutters if the specs of your phone aren’t that noteworthy.
  • Next, you need to go to the Google Play Store and download the “Joiplay” Emulator. We’ll be using this to run the game. It may require you to download the JoiPlay RPG Maker Plugin. You can download it separately, but the app may also prompt you to download it when it does, approve it. Just download it while you’re downloading the emulator.
  • (Don’t just close your browser now, you’ll need to follow the steps below to be able to run the game properly)
  • Download the RPGXP Game of your choosing. If you don’t know what you’ll be playing yet, check out the RPGXP FanGames listed on our site.
Pokemon Fire Ash
  • Lastly, the game would most likely be inside a .zip file so, make sure that you extract it out before proceeding further or it won’t work.

How to Play the Game

Now that you’ve fulfilled all the requirements (hopefully) you’re ready to set up the emulator so that you can actually play the game. Don’t worry, it’s a very simple process, just follow the below.

  • Step 1 – Launch the JoiPlay app, the screen below is what you should see when it’s launched.
How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android
  • Step 2 – Press the “+” button on the lower right corner of your screen.
How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android
  • Step 3 – Fill out the details from the name of the game, which in our case is Fire Ash.
    • For the version, you can put the version code of the RPG Maker game you’re using. This one is optional and you can just put any random number in there, it doesn’t matter.
    • The icon is also optional and you don’t actually need to choose one, just put any image on it if you want.
How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android
  • Step 4 – Now that you’ve filled out the details, click on the Executable File option. Now locate the .exe file among the files you extracted from the .zip file.
How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android
  • Step 5 – Now that you’ve found the file select it and click the “choose” button.
How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android
  • Step 6 – Now that you’ve filled out everything, it should look something like this. Now, just tap on “ADD” and approve any permissions the Joiplay app asks for.
How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android
  • Now, you should see the game on the emulator’s home screen. To play, just tap on it. Enjoy!
How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android

Potential Problems You Might Face

Can’t find or read the game file

This can happen because the file is either not unzipped or it was incorrectly done/failed. The file could also be corrupted, so you just have to unzip the file again until everything is done properly.

The game is laggy

This can happen for a number of reasons, and the most probable cause is that your Android phone might be a bit old or its specs aren’t up to par. It isn’t always the cause phone but it’s definitely the most common one. Unfortunately, for this issue, we won’t be able to help you.

Hope this post was helpful. Let us know what’s your favorite RPGXP fangame in the comments below.