Pokemon Big Blue

Pokemon Big Blue GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Big Blue GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Mian Calendar Games
  • Version: Final
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Released: May 24, 2024

Pokemon Big Blue is a GBA Rom Hack by Mian Calendar Games based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And it is now available to download. It was released on May 24, 2024.

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The first step of your journey is unlike any other. Big Blue features 42 different starter Pokémon, allowing you to begin your journey with a wider variety of companions than ever before. Gone are the days of choosing between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. You can befriend a feisty Cyndaquil, a playful Mudkip, or even a majestic Gible!


  • Fully open world region (Kanto).
  • Physical/Special Division.
  • Fairy type.
  • Optional reusable TMs/HMs.
  • Trade items function as evolution stones (i.e. Link Cable, Prism Scale, Dawn Stone, Peat Block, etc.).
  • All trainers, wild Pokémon and gyms are scaled by badges.
  • 42 different entries.
  • ALL Gen 1-3 Pokémon (cross-gen evolutions, permanent megas/G-Max evolutions added).
  • Almost all species found in nature (including starters).
  • Exp. All – Tons of new areas/locations.
  • Routes, caves, towns/cities have been updated.
  • Generation 4 overworld graphics.
  • Menus/maps have a new visual style.
  • Fairy Type – Running indoors.
  • Greater chances of shine.
  • Move-Reminder/Name Rater in each Pokecenter.
  • PokéMarts scale for badge quantities.




Mian Calendar Games