Pokemon TCG: Neo

Pokemon TCG: Neo

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon TCG: Neo GBC ROM Hack

  • Creator: Cataclyptic
  • Version: v1.32
  • Hack of: TCG
  • Updated: March 15, 2024
  • Language: English

Pokemon TCG: Neo is a GBC Rom Hack by Cataclyptic based on Pokemon TCG in English. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on March 15, 2024.

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NEW: The Final version AND Legacy Mode is here!

A new player character and new player character portraits! Balance changes! Booster pack edits! Typo fixes! Animation fixes! Fight Ronald more! Basically, everything and the kitchen sink was added to the game, there’s probably even a pokémon from Orre in there for all I know!


Pokemon TCG: Neo

This hack, Pokémon TCG Neo, is a nearly complete overhaul of the base game in terms of battling. Why? Because all the generation 1 cards in this game have been replaced with generation 2 cards, everything has been balanced.

Featuring your favorites from Neo Genesis all the way to Skyridge, so many cards have been added and replaced that it’s completely changed the way this game is played. Pokémon, attacks, abilities, and even a few trainer cards were altered to create a new battling experience. If you’re looking for a TCG hack with all-new pokémon cards, look no further and download the link below.

If you aren’t looking for a new way to play the old TCG, see the instructions below.

You have to play the game anyway because I worked really hard on it for months


As previously stated, all 187 pokémon in this game have been replaced by generation 2 cards from real-life sets. This completes the real Johto Pokedex, with some Kanto Pokémon thrown into the mix. These cards’ attacks and abilities either reflect their real-life counterparts, come close to them, or I ignored them for a better attack. Trainer cards have also been altered, but not as extensively. In particular, though, Super Energy Removal is no longer in the game, having been replaced by Master Ball.

Pokemon TCG: Neo

Everything in this game has been balanced. Cards that I thought were weak received buffs, and cards that I thought were too strong received nerfs. In general: Pokémon, especially evolved Pokémon, got more powerful, while trainer cards became less powerful. Games will now be more focused on the pokémon and not the trainers, giving new strategies to pursue!

As 95% of the cards in this game are different, the dialogue, trades, and text in the game have also been altered to reflect that difference. In particular, there are now only 7 promo cards and EVERY card in the game is obtainable, so deck build to your heart’s content; no more Card Pop holding you back from key cards.

Pokemon TCG: Neo

Speaking of which, every single NPC deck has been altered. Some even use completely different strategies. This is also true for the auto deck machines, of which I mostly just filled with ideas for fun decks that I had and the boss’s decks. One minor note: You can get the Imakuni? card after beating him 2 and 4 times instead of the 3 and 6 in the base. Another notable trainer- the guy who wants to steal all of your energy cards- no longer does so because that was annoying. You can now get a promo by being nice to him.

Pokemon TCG: Neo

Finally, the tutorial duel has been eliminated. I’m going to assume you all know how to play the card game; thereby letting you skip the tutorial and go straight into the fun. The dialogue for learning the game has been unaltered, so use that if you must.

The Art Style

Pokemon TCG: Neo

All of the new art in this game was done by me (Cataclyptic). I wanted to have a different feel from the base game, so instead of using mostly black and white + 2 colors, I tried to make each Pokémon as colorful as possible. This is my preference, so I’m sticking to it. If you want a poster of all the sprites, it can be viewed here https://www.deviantart.com/cataclyptic/art/Pokemon-TCG-Neo-Sprites-936162337 (Spoilers for in-game cards)


(See Full notes in the useful stuff section)

  • 1.31: Bug fixes
  • 1.3: New effects, new attacks, balance change, MORE POKEMON, LEGACY VERSION!
  • 1.25: Title screen edit, bug fixes, balance changes, some sprite edits, typo and text edits, Readme edits, entire pret document cleaned up, new effects, new attacks, bug discoveries and exploit fixes.
  • 1.2:  Booster pack edits, sprite edits, Bug fixes, balance changes, sprite edits, deck edits, basically everything edits
  • 1.11: Entei1 now works properly, and one typo was fixed for Sudowoodo’s energy cost.
  • 1.1: Huge balance changes, bug fixes, AI changes. Entei’s Protective Flame now works.
  • 1.03: A spelling error and an attack name change.
  • 1.02: Fixed a trade. Reverted Tailwind (Retreat Aide) to its original effect, as the new one was broken. Changed energy cost of Crystal Charizard.
  • 1.01: Fixed a bug where returning to the Hall of Honor only gave Ho-oh.
  • 1.0: Game release


Mirror (Mega)

Previous Versions

Known Bugs & Glitches

I can’t do anything about these, but all of them only minorly affect gameplay, so it’s fine. If any of you know how to fix them or what’s going on, feel free to comment below.

  • Acid’s effect to make the opponent unable to retreat does NOT work on the AI. This is actually a holdover from the base game: it doesn’t work there either. I tried to make it work by altering the AI retreat actions, but it didn’t, so the Acid effect isn’t present in my hack.
  • Dratini and Suicune are in weird places on the computer menus. This is a result of me being unable to repoint Snorlax’s Thick Fat to another pokémon, so I did some fiddling with Dratini and made it work except for in the menus.
  • Entei’s Protective Flame doesn’t show the Protect animation if successful. This is because I’m not sure how to make it do two animations at once. The effect works regardless.
  • Houndour’s Smog attack, when used by the AI, displays as Flare. Not even sure why on this one. The attacks still work regardless, but the text is shifted on the AI.
  • The AI doesn’t appear to know how to use Energy Spike and Energy Search. Not sure how this one didn’t work either, mainly because the code is unaltered from the base game. With Energy search, I think it’s because only two decks have specified targets, therefore only two decks can play the card.


Although this game is completed, there are a couple of bonus things I would like to do but don’t have the coding skills to implement them. If anyone does know how to make these happen, then please comment below.

  • Have Acid actually work.
  • Have the Teleport Effect commands be optional/ Have the Teleport commands do damage without switching if you only have 1 Pokémon / Make the AI understand that Teleport does damage. For making more attacks that do this, of course!
  • Have Blissey’s Heal ability remove 2 damage counters instead of one. I tried to make this happen and it results in HP Underflow if it removes only 1 damage counter.
  • Make Super Fang ignore Weakness and Resistance. I had plans to implement this in the game, but it just doesn’t work if the defending pokemon is weak to Super Fang- it deals twice half HP, which translates to a guaranteed KO, which isn’t remotely fair.
  • Somehow make the Wildfire code discard X cards from the top of the deck, independent of fire energies. I can think of a few cards that would be a lot more interesting if they had effects to discard say, 3 cards each time they attacked.
  • Have more than Crystal Celebi uses Shift on the AI. The AI sadly can only process 1 user of Shift (Crystal Type), I don’t know how to make it process the other 3 crystal cards.
  • Make the AI use Energy Search and Energy Spike (Energy Boost). Self-explanatory.
  • Change the set symbols. I’d love to make all the cards from this game have set symbols from their real-life sets, but for the life of me, I can’t find those graphics anywhere.
  • Change the booster packs. I’m not sure how to change the booster packs, but I want to.