Vinemon: Sauce Edition

Vinemon: Sauce Edition

Download Vinemon: Sauce Edition RPGXP FanGame

  • Creator: Swone Vial Co.
  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Updated: February 12, 2024
  • Gametime: 40+ Hours

Vinemon: Sauce Edition is an RPGXP FanGame by Swone Vial Co. made using RPG Maker XP & Pokemon Essentials in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on February 12, 2024

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About the Game

The game is set in a new Region known as ‘Fanoth’, which used to be a region that was once believed that no person would or should ever be able to enter.

Our goal while developing this game was to create a love note for the Vinesauce Community that we’ve been in for years.


You are Vinny Vinesauce a streamer from Staten Island, New York. On one Sunday night, you planned to play a mysterious game made by your community titled Vinemon: Sauce Edition.

The game is loaded up but your house’s power flickers on and off while the internet fully cuts out. Do not presume this was the doing of vineRizon. The power that calls you to this world is far greater than that of those internet providers.

As you exit your house you find you aren’t in Statin Island anymore but in a region called “Fanoth”. As you look for answers to why you were brought here you discover that Imakuni was also brought to this world and is now your next-door rival. When you begin to share notes a sudden explosion happens and you both rush outside to see the cause of it.

You discover the professor panicked and the only Vinemon he has left for you to use is a Water-Typed Vinemon named Scoot.

After being given Scoot and a battle with your rival & friend Imakuni, You are given the VineGear to keep track of questsmanage your PC, and check the map of the region.

As you overlook the map you begin to realize this world is strikingly familiar. Yet these places feel completely different from the ones you visited in the past on stream.

As you travel the region you will meet many of the characters you’ve created and encountered while streaming. This includes iconic video game mascots, Original Characters (donut steel), Celebrities, Memes, StreamersYouTubers, and many more!

Explore, Battle, and Catch in Vinemon before it’s too late. After all, you still got a Sunday Stream to put on and you can’t leave chat alone unattended.


  • Quest System
  • Multiple Save Files
  • Many Mini-Games: As you play the game you will find many different kinds of mini-games. From unique overworld puzzles to a fully functioning Touhou Game with Custom Stages and Bosses.
  • Custom Pause Menu
  • IV & EV Stat Menu
  • Corruptions (Alt Shiny): They are similar to shinies, but they do not replace the normal shinies, in fact it can combo with being a shiny creating a shiny corruption. The first caught corruption of a species will save the unique sprite to the “Fuzzy Pickles” Folder. Every time you view the corruption the sprite will change to something different!
  • Keyboard Remapping
  • Vinegear PC Storage
  • Cable Club: Allows you to trade and battle players from around the world! Input the connecting player’s Trainer ID to establish a connection. You’ll be able to access this feature directly from the Vinegear itself, no matter where you are!
  • Advanced Vinedex
  • Modified EBS
  • Custom Shiny Designs: Vinemon Shinies shine brighter within Fanoth! Shinies can vary not only in color but also design-wise as well! The Squagle goes from a simple bagel neck to Blood Bagel neck! Speed Luigi turns into a Mr. L! Faesoph becomes a Villager! Hermine decorates their shell!
  • HM Items
  • Game Corner
  • Unique Balance: Each Vinemon has their own unique signature move! Custom move, abilities, and items allow for each Vinemon to have their own fighting chance against one another. Come up with synergies with each to dominate the competition! Damaging weather now takes typing into consideration. Sandstorm and Hail will do Rock and Ice-Type damage, respectively. Like Sandstorm boosts Sp.Def wth Rock-Types, so too does Hail boost Def for Ice-Types.
  • Animated OW Cutscenes
  • Reborn Battle Animations
  • OW Animations: Within Vinemon we have many unique animations for the overworld. From the HM Items to the Fabled Vinemon interactions. We hope these animations will charm you on your adventure.
  • Original Songs & Covers
  • Unique Region

Game Stats

  • 211 Vinemon
  • 80+ New items
  • 160+ New Moves
  • 80+ New Abilities
  • 182+ Diverse Songs
  • 104+ Unique Trainers
  • Approx. 40+ Hours of Gametime!
  • Memes: Not Enough


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~Swone Vial Co~​

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