Pokemon Corona Edition

Pokemon Corona Edition

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  • Creator: Gallo98
  • Version: Complete
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: 2020

Pokemon Corona GBA: ProfessorZang needs you because a dangerous virus is spreading, researchers from all over the world are asking about the search for an antidote, but the information in his possession is too little to find a complete cure.

Within the research centers are the most important scientistswho try to test for the virus, they are very jealous of your research and therefore will share their work with you only if you prove that you are prepared for the task!But it won’t be that easy! A group of evildoers, the Unters, want to spread the virus and will try to slow down their search for a cure!Your evil goals will also advance thanks to the help of pokemon to be able to transmit the virus faster!

Its goal is to collect information from scientists in research centers and go to the most developed laboratory in the world: the LGSCan you find a cure in time? For what purpose do the Unters want to spread the virus? Will they succeed?It’s time to find out!


The goal we set at the beginning of the project was to create a challenge for fans of the Pokèmon world, so we decided to create a deliberately difficult game, strategy should be the cornerstone of your gaming experience! However, aware that Hack can also be played by people with little experience, we also decided to create a simplified version, so that anyone can have a pleasant gaming experience!


  • New Script-New story
  • Texts in Italian, except marginal conversations (e.g. pkmn center)
  • Physical/special division
  • IVs and bonuses highlighted / malus natura
  • Venom of survival outside the fight
  • P/B repellent system implemented
  • Evolution through removed exchange, pokemon will evolve through evolutionary or level stones
  • Some evolution lines have been modified, some pokemon evolve at different levels or with different methods
  • Pokemon with intragenerational evolution has been added (e.g. Magnetone->Magnezone)
  • Included Joltik and Salandit with related evolutionary lines
  • Neropulsar and Dragopulsar introduced
  • MT infinite
  • Some movements have had a power surge or substantial changes also in type (e.g. Flash->Electro)
  • Inserted the Mega Evolutions, they function as irrevocable standard evolutions, and can be obtained thanks to the use of megapietra (ex sunstone, espeon (etc.) evolutionary by level)
  • Mega Evolutions has stats that are not original but modified so as not to make them too strong (its strengths remain unchanged