Pokemon Pathways

Pokemon Pathways

Download Pokemon Pathways RPGXP FanGame

  • Creator: Grayhatred (BORN)
  • Version: 8.5.3
  • Updated: January 28, 2024

Pokemon Pathways is an RPGXP FanGame by Grayhatred (BORN) made using RPG Maker XP & Pokemon Essentials in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on January 28, 2024.

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“For Generations, Pokemon has been a game where you get your starter from the professor, catch wild Pokemon, Beat the gym leaders, defeat the elite 4, and inevitably become Champion.

Maybe you even get a legendary or two during your journey. All of this is seen in the typical Pokemon game format. Today, I bring you something different… Unique, so to speak. This project is currently being worked on by two people. Both of us enjoyed the creation of this game and this is the first game we ever made and released.

We hope you all enjoy playing it.” ~ Grayhatred

Features & Screenshots

Player’s Choice

  • A majority of in-game outcomes are solely dependent on your choices alone. What you say, do, and decide will dictate your future, just like in real life.

Character Stats

  • Stats such as Intelligence, Strength, Charm, and Skill are all calculated based on your choices in the game. These stats also determine what you as an individual are capable of. Make a choice, and you’ll see one of these stats affected.
    • Intelligence – Determines how smart the player is. It is needed to ascend to higher rank classes and discover the unknown.
    • Strength – Determines how physically strong the player is. It is needed to move, make or break objects!
    • Charm – Determines how attractive the player is. It is needed to increase success when flirting and to encounter Legendary Pokemon!
    • Skill – Determines the player’s abilities as a Pokemon trainer. It is needed to unlock more wild Pokemon and Trainers to battle!


  • A character stat that determines how many actions you are able to do in a day. Various activities will consume your Energy.
  • You will be notified once your Energy is low, and once it is low enough, you will have the choice to sleep and start the next day.


  • Not necessarily a character stat, but still affected by player actions. It determines the game’s time of day.
  • Essentially, the more interactions you make in a day, the more time has passed. It is reset every day.


  • Positive and Negative alignment based on your choices in the game. Some may be good, others not so much.
  • The same person may say different things to you depending on your level of Reputation.

NPC Affinity

  • Some of the NPCs in your class are students you can bond with. While bonding, these NPCs will give you a variety of things.
  • Their affinity with you is displayed when interacted with. You may talk and battle with them daily and will be able to unlock future interactions as well.

Schooling System

  • You are at an academy with your own dorm room. You are expected to complete homework on time and attend class Monday – Friday.
  • Failure to do so will result in a detention. Getting enough Detentions and skipping detentions will ultimately lead to your expulsion.

Save Through Sleep

  • You are only able to save the game when you sleep and start a new day, Not when you want!
  • This feature is to force you to think about your choices because there is no going back and redoing unless you’re willing to forfeit a day’s worth of progress.

Changelog v8.5.3

  • Partner Eevee and Partner Pikachu have their own custom Z-Moves for balance purposes. Veevee Volley and Pika Papow are the trigger moves for Eevium Z and Pikanium Z respectively.
  • Aran now has a fully working character and partner system. She is officially done.
  • Eros’s battles now scale in quality. He is still one of the five unfinished characters, however.
  • The font size of Pokémon names in battle was reduced for longer names to fit in the interface.
  • The Call option in battle was replaced with Check, which is essentially a shortcut to the old
    interface you could access by pressing Z/Shift in the battle menu.
  • The menu, the Pokémon selection and the Check interface were rehauled to be more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Grammar oversights were corrected as usual.
  • Fixed the brown rock crash of Fight Cave.
  • Fixed Lygn clones on Campus.
  • Fixed a number of moves’ having wrong amounts of Power Points.
  • Fixed bugs pertaining to Partner Eevee.
  • Fixed a number of custom moves’ not having a Z-Move effect.
  • Fixed a few issues pertaining to Pokémon graphics.

Useful Stuff


Listen to why the creator made Pokemon Pathways


Can Pokemon Pathways be played on a Mac or Android?

Currently, there’s no official support for playing Pokémon Pathways on Mac or mobile devices. Yet, you might be able to play the game on Mac using Wine.

For Android users, there’s a potential option with Joiplay. Check out this guide: How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android