Pokemon Bronze

Pokemon Bronze

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Bronze GBA Rom

  • Creator: Freako
  • Version: v1.21
  • Hack of: Gold
  • Updated: February 14, 2014

In Pokemon Bronze, you explore the region of Kohto, situated south-west of Kanto (and connected via underground path) it is lush with varied routes and 9 towns. 8 Gyms as usual, which have slightly higher level Pokémon than in Gold/Silver for a little more of a leisurely adventure. Although not entirely accessible, the Kanto region featured in Bronze returns a few areas removed from the region in Pokémon Gold/Silver to re-explore.

Set shortly after the events of Pokémon Gold/Silver, you and your rival are living in Cartridge Town of the Kohto region, about to embark on your Pokémon adventure. You obtain your starter (Charmander, Pichu, or Totodile) from the resident Professor Koa, as well as a Pokedex from Professor Oak, and then set out on your quest to defeat the eight gyms of Kohto, followed by the Pokemon League.
However, now that Team Rocket has been disbanded, another group is stepping up to cause havoc!

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