Pokemon Yellow: Cramorant Edition

Pokemon Yellow: Cramorant Edition

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Yellow: Cramorant Edition GBC ROM Hack

  • Creator: Cram-o-dev
  • Version: 1.1
  • Hack of: Yellow
  • Updated: June 9, 2022
  • Language: English

Pokemon Yellow: Cramorant Edition is a GBC ROM Hack by Cram-o-dev based on Pokemon Yellow in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on June 9, 2022.

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A ROM hack of Pokemon Yellow which replaces Pikachu with Cramorant! Many other major and minor changes have been made to create a new Pokemon Yellow experience. This project aims to provide a different way to enjoy Yellow while adding more variety to the game, all while staying mostly true to the Pokemon Generation 1 experience. This hack was created using the Pokemon Yellow disassembly as a base.

NOTE: Some emulators have difficulty playing Cramorant’s voice clips. If they sound too quiet, try using a different emulator. For desktops, I recommend mGBA or BGB.



  • Journey through the region, beat Team Rocket, collect all badges, catch every Pokemon, and become the Champ with a Cramorant by your side!
  • Following Pikachu has been replaced with Following Cramorant! Every sprite, graphic, sound, and text associated with Pikachu has been changed to fit with Cramorant. Cramorant’s movepool, experience growth, and stats are loosely based off of Pokemon Sword/Shield.
  • Pikachu’s Beach minigame is now Cramorant’s Beach! As long as Cramorant knows Surf, you can play it!
  • New exclusive battle move added for Cramorant.
  • Many wild and Trainer Pokemon have had their levels raised slightly in an effort to provide more of a challenge.


  • Extra Pokemon! Cramorant and 2 other Pokemon have been added which brings the total amount to 154!
  • Extra battles! A few additional trainers have been added.
  • Greater Pokemon trainer variety. Trainers now use a bigger selection of Pokemon. Many Pokemon never that never got a chance to shine in battle will get their moment!
  • Greater wild Pokemon variety. Many rare Pokemon can now be found in several locations, and Pokemon that couldn’t previously be found in the wild are waiting to be encountered!
  • All 151+ Pokemon are obtainable in-game without the need for trading or glitches, and can be infinitely encountered!
  • A few minor locations have been added for new events. Many maps have also received some touch-ups to look nicer, and a few have been altered to be less claustrophobic (like Cerulean and Fuschia City). Many of the CUT trees have been removed. A couple of new buildings also open up after you become champion!
  • Tons of additional hidden items! Search suspicious places for them.
  • More forgiving Safari Zone. The amount of steps allowed to take has been increased substantially! More Safari Balls are also given to the player and many Safari Zone Pokemon have been made slightly easier to catch!
  • Additional flavor text has been added. Several background objects now have descriptive text associated with them, such as Red’s bed or the windows in Vermilion Gym.
  • Some beta and unused content included! Unused music (like Giovanni’s theme) as well as unused graphics and text have been added. A few music tracks have also been replaced by songs adapted from the Generation 2 games.
  • Various bug fixes. Many Generation 1 bugs were fixed in Yellow, while Cramorant Edition fixes a few more minor errors and quirks. Any bugs which provided a negative experience for the player have been fixed.
  • Super Game Boy compatible! Comes with its own set of color palettes and its own border!
  • Link Cable compatible with the base Generation 1 games. Note that minor issues occur if Pokemon from Cramorant Edition are traded to base Yellow, and vice-versa.

Adapted from other projects and tutorials (which can be found on Github):

  • Better game corner. Faster and more forgiving slots along with the ability to repeatedly buy coins. (Adapted from Pokemon PureRGB by Vortyne.)
  • Repels can now be used immediately after they expire like in the modern games. (Included from Pokemon PureRGB.)
  • A much better Itemfinder! It’s now actually useful by pointing you in the direction of hidden items and giving feedback based on how close to them you are. (Included from Pokemon PureRGB.)
  • The left and right d-pad can now be used while shopping to decrease/increase the amount of items by 10. (Included from Pokemon PureRGB.)
  • The low health alarm now only beeps four times before stopping. No need to annoy the player with constant ringing. (Included from Pokemon PureRGB.)
  • Pokemon no longer waste turns after waking up from sleep and can attack that same turn!
  • Player now turns to face trainers when spotted by them like in other Pokemon games.
  • A move deleter and re-learner have been added which allow you to delete any Pokemon move (including HMs) and learn any moves they’ve known previously!

Not present:

  • No physical/special split.
  • No separate Spc. Atk or Spc. Def stats.
  • No additional typings.
  • No typing changes.
  • No movepool changes.
  • No base stat changes.
  • No sprite changes to existing Pokemon (Although a few misaligned back sprites have been corrected.)

Massive thanks to the Pokemon Reverse Engineering Team for their disassembly of Pokemon Yellow and the pret discord community for advice and guides.

Changelog v1.1

Bugs Fixed:

  • Pokemon will now always be afflicted with SLP when sleep status moves are successfully used.
  • Game Corner coins can now be redeemed for $1500 if your total money is under $8000 and above $1499 like they should have been.
  • The Super Rod will now fish up the correct Pokemon or tell the player if no Pokemon can be found. No more battles with glitchy Cue Balls or level 250 Arcanine.
  • Rival 1’s victory text on Route 22 has been formatted correctly and the Softboiled TM guy in Celadon has a minor text grammar fix.
  • If a Ditto transforms into Cramorant and uses Gulp Missile, the fish animation graphics will also now appear by the player’s Pokemon.
  • A few more minor glitches have been (hopefully) fixed to provide a smoother experience.


  • Ekans has a 1% chance of appearing in the grass on Route 22.
  • Cramorant can now learn Water Gun and Metronome by TM.
  • The TM for Metronome can be bought from the Celadon Dept. Store.
  • Repels can now be bought from the Pewter Pokemart.
  • The salesman in the Mt. Moon Pokecenter now sells the player an Abra for $3000.
  • Abra now learns Tackle at level 11.
  • Many Pokemon found by Super Rod have had their levels buffed slightly. Starmie can also be fished up with a Super Rod in the bottom two floors of Seafoam Island.
  • Added flavor text for the window in the player’s bedroom.