Pokemon Outbounds

Pokemon Outbounds

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Pokemon Outbounds is an RPGXP FanGame by CelestialFearow & Team made using Pokémon Essentials v20.1 & RPG Maker XP in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on February 21, 2023.

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“A full 8 gym game for the RC winter game jam 4”


In this game, you will play a simple adventure.

Until something triggers a potential alien invasion from another world.

You know, alien Pokémon.

So at some point, you will have to go into space, to prevent an invasion.


According to a member of the team the game is about 10h. Some parts of this game were kinda rush. Or not? Idk, you tell me.

The game has three settings:

  • One: Alien/Space (Used for the story)
  • Two: Nocturnal/City (Used for Kurai City)
  • Three: Ominous/Cave (Used for the Moon Cave)


Pokemon Outbounds

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