Pokemon Unova Red

Pokemon Unova Red

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Unova Red GBA Rom

  • Creator: Azure_Keys
  • Version: Final
  • Hack of: Red
  • Updated: September 20, 2018


Pokemon Unova Red is a re-imagining of Generation 1, but using the Pokedex from Generation 5. This is because the Unova Pokedex was designed to stand alone without any Pokemon from additional regions, much like the original Pokedex. The plot is effectively identical to the Generation 1 games, the only major change is in the Pokemon available.

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Useful Stuff


  • All 156 Generation 5 Pokemon
  • Trade & friendly evolutions changed to either level up or item evolutions
  • Dark and Steel types added
  • Type chart updated to Gen 5
  • Attacks still determine physical or special damage based on type
  • Ghost => Special, Dark => Physical
  • New moves
  • Moves updated to match their stats from Gen 5