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  • Creator: DaleFails
  • Version: 2.0.8
  • Updated: July 3, 2024

Pokemon Giovanni Origins is an RPGXP FanGame by DaleFails made using Pokémon Essentials v20.1 & RPG Maker XP in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on July 3, 2024.

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In this story, set roughly 20 years before the events of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue, you play as the childhood friend of Team Rocket Boss Giovanni.

Growing up in Saffron City, you and Giovanni will traverse Kanto and Johto together, challenging for gym badges and championships along the way. You will witness firsthand the backstory of Giovanni, watching from the sidelines as your friend ventures down a dark path, turning to a life of crime.

As you explore Kanto and Johto, you will see the vast difference 20 years can make to a region. You will find characters and references to future games hidden everywhere you look. Enjoy exploring the Pokémon world long before the stories of legendary Pokémon trainers such as Red and Blue.


  • Set roughly 20 years before the events of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue versions.
  • Explore both Kanto and Johto (current release includes all of Kanto, eight badges & Kanto League)
  • Explore the regional differences between the Kanto and Johto you know, to the Kanto and Johto of old!
  • Explore various areas before their demise, such as Pokémon Mansion and the Kanto Power Plant!
  • Seek out the original 16 Gym Leaders and Elite Four, hidden around the region as Easter Eggs.
  • Predominantly Kanto Pokémon, with other Pokémon from all other regions available in limited numbers.
  • Find out the backstory of Giovanni, the criminal mastermind behind Team Rocket!
  • Boss battles! Hunt and beat powerful wild Boss Pokémon for special rewards!
  • Side quests – talk to NPCs to discover various side quests with various rewards.
  • Generation 1 and 2 soundtracks, including soundtracks from other Pokémon games.
  • Speed up button – press Q to accelerate the game. Please use it sparingly!
  • Level Caps to prevent over-leveling, and late-game repeatable trainers within Victory Road for late-game grinding.
  • A big plot twist to end the game!
  • DaleFails developer house! Find and battle me once you’ve beaten the Kanto League!

The current release features eight gym badges, the Kanto league, and all of Kanto – feedback wanted!

I do plan to include Johto with a full continuation of the story, eight more gym badges, more boss battles, and a new league challenge, but this will take a long time to produce. Please enjoy the Kanto release of this game, as I am unsure if I will return to complete Johto in full!


Transfer your save to a newer version of the game:

Transfer the following file to your existing directory of the game into the same folder in your newly downloaded version of the game, and you should be able to carry on from where you left off!



  • Celadon Department Store updated. Vendors now sell all Pokéball types and various battle items such as Red Card, Eject Button, etc.​
  • Move re-learner added to the Pokémon Championships (League).​
  • Merchants added to Cerulean City selling all of the type Gems and Incense held-items.​
  • HM moves Cut and Strength have been significantly buffed.​
  • TMs are now re-usable!​
  • Various rare berries added to the Safari Zone.​
  • More battle items can now be purchased from Celadon Medicines (such as the Ability Capsule).​
  • Pokémon Masseuse added to Fuchsia City to assist with friendship evolutions.​
  • Pokémon Centre’s given an internal visual overhaul to look more vintage.​
  • Mint Shop added to Fuchsia City, allowing you to change the Nature of your Pokémon.​


  • Version added to the top left of the Loading Screen, when you first load up the game.​
  • Added the following evolution items to the game: Fairy Stone, Dusk Stone, Ice Stone, Protector.​
  • Added more TMs to the world for the player to find.​
  • Added a new Team Rocket style Pokéball for the player to use.​
  • Added more custom Pokéballs to in-game trainers.​
  • Added additional catch-reward quests (rewards available for every 10 species caught, up to 60!)​
  • Changed fourth gym TM reward and added move to the gym leader’s Pokémon.​
  • Eeveelutions now all available via Stone.​
  • Gift Eevee added to Celadon City.​
  • Jimmy’s Juice Bar in Vermilion is now open for business!​
  • Berry Vendor in Saffron City now has his own quest and will open his store as a reward.​
  • Additional time-jumps added, just for fun!​
  • Additional Detective dialogue and other storyline dialogue.​
  • Metal Coat is no longer only available during one mission.​
  • Various sprite tweaks / recolours.​
  • Various tiling and grammar errors corrected.​
  • Updated to latest version of ‘v20.1 hotfixes’.​
  • Updated to latest version of ‘Essentials Deluxe’.​
  • Updated to latest version of ‘Gen 8 Pack Scripts’.​
  • Added new plugin – Advanced UI!​
  • Game Documentation now available – see original post!​


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