Pokemon Let’s Go Lugia 

Pokemon Let's Go Lugia 

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Let’s Go Lugia GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Ricardo Stone Team (English Translation by Sacred Almighty)
  • Version: v6.3
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: July 4, 2020
  • Language: Portuguese / English / Spanish

Pokemon Let’s Go Lugia is a GBA ROM Hack by Ricardo Stone Team based on Pokemon Fire Red in Portuguese, English & Spanish. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on July 4, 2020.

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A hack based on Fire Red, its story is based on Soul Silver with slight changes.

Let’s go Lugia aims to make the user go back in time and play a hack, only with Pokémon from Johto and their evolutions.

Some from Kanto were added due to GYM leaders or ELITE 4 using these Pokémon. We want to allow you to use the best of each Pokémon and assemble your dream team with just 199 Pokémon.

The difficulty of the game is NORMAL even so we activate the
EXP.ALL for those trainers who are not very fond of training each Pokémon individually, the game allows you to use

Infinite TMs and all evolutionary stones are for sale at the MART.

It is possible to capture ALL Pokémon but MEWTWO and LUGIA only with ASH, and HO-OH and MEW only with MAY.


  • New Maps.
  • Updated moves.
  • Pokémon from Johto visible on the map, Kanto only on grass.
  • Pokédex with information on how to evolve the Pokémon.
  • Exp.All (Shared Experience).
  • Reusable TM’s.
  • Egg on Route.
  • Elite 4 (Can battle 5x merging with the Battle Tower).
  • Items hidden in routes and houses.
  • Remastered Johto Region.
  • All Pokemon in the game are catchable.
  • All Johto characters.
  • Moves updated.
  • New sprites.
  • Protagonist Ash (kalos) and May (hoenn) .
  • Exclusive Pokémon depending on your choice of character (eggs).





Ricardo Stone Team, Sacred Almighty (English Translation)