Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas

Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas GBA Rom

  • Creator: DarkFex
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: July 2020
  • Language: Spanish

Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas (Altered Dimensions) is a complete GBA Rom Hack in Spanish that has Pokémon Fire Red as its Base ROM, it has 200 New Fakemon, Merged Forms, NDS Graphics, and a New Kanto Region with different weather changes.

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In the well-known Kanto Region, different climatic changes have occurred due to an alteration of the planet and dimension in which we live, the result was a total change of the inhabitants and Pokémon of Kanto. These Pokémon have completely changed both their type and their form and also the Region itself has a different climate in some cities it rains, in others it snows while in some it makes a great Sun. Dare to start this adventure in Kanto but in a different way!


  • Official cover inserted into the game.
  • National Dex from the beginning.
  • History totally in Spanish.
  • More than 200 Pokémon with altered forms.
  • Tileset change (graphics change).
  • A new map for the Kanto region.
  • B&W style backpack.
  • B&W style PC case.
  • HGSS-style Pokémon menu.
  • B&W-style Pokémon data.
  • Sun & Moon style type icons.
  • TextBox (Text box) totally changed as well as the secondary one (this is appreciated when you read a poster).
  • Hp Bar changed to the Let´s Go style.
  • Battlebox changed (this appears when you enter combat).
  • Completely changed battle backgrounds, these are appreciated against the rival, on the routes and in the gym leaders.
  • HGSS Style Coaches Sprites.
  • Naming Screen in the B&W style (this is when you choose the name of the character, rival and name your Pokémon.
  • Trainer Card completely changed.
  • Deliver X&Y Style Experience.
  • Menu borders completely changed.
  • Division of attacks in physical and special.
  • Attacks on Spanish as well as its description.
  • Objects translated into Spanish with their respective description.
  • Totally high difficulty.
  • Poketubers as gym leaders and high command.
  • Dialogues changed in gym leaders and high command.
  • Double fights in the high command.
  • It can be run indoors.
  • Any attack can be substituted (both HM and MO).
  • The sprite is displayed when an object is found on the map.
  • Gengar and Nidoran’s initial combat has been removed.


Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas



DarkFex and Gamezop