Pokemon Bizarre Version

Pokemon Bizarre Version

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Bizarre Version GBA Rom

  • Creator: HoennTM
  • Version: Alpha
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Bizarre Version is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by HoennTM based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And It is now available to download. 

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The mere presence of sardonic humor Hack emphasized some people’s attempts to be funny, as well as their outright stupidity. If you want to take the game to appreciate a few extra problems, 386 is also performing the first three generations. Sevii Islands has a lot of stories, with its own gyms and a less interesting postgame.

Welcome to the Bizarre region, a historically rich area. Several years ago, there was a bloody war in the Bizarre Los community. People from all over the province of Bizarre summoned powers of darkness to aid them in defeating their adversaries; however, war is a defeat, as the king of the Los community, which threw a great weapon, demonstrated. With the end of the war, the forces of darkness retreated.

Years later, however, the evil organization is known simply as “shadows” is determined to once again liberate forces of darkness. But his path is not easy because you will soon find yourself making decisions that will have the ability to influence those around you, for better or worse. Which brand are you leaving the country with? Do you have any friends? How far do you go to achieve your objectives? The choice is entirely yours. When searching, you can face challenges such as war and strong bonds with friends and fashion. You’re going to laugh. You’re even allowed to cry. You expose secrets and the hidden motive. Your journey of self-discovery becomes a question of how much time you have to carefully examine the depths of your father’s past and what it will reveal. But be cautious in your selection. In this case, you are not paying attention.

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  • All Pokemon from the first 3 different generations.
  • The difficulty is higher.
  • A dark humourous game.