Pokemon Demon Island

Pokemon Demon Island

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Demon Island Rom

  • Creator: DaimyoHermit
  • Version: v1.3e
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: April 29, 2021

In Pokemon Demon Island, you’ve been mysteriously transported to a dangerous island teeming with hungry flesh-eating Pokemon ready to devour you. You have no idea where you are or what has occurred in this location. The island is infested with monsters, an attacking cult, demonic beings, and everything else is chaotic. And it is your only option for survival and escapes from this mysterious and depressing location.

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  • “MAKABRE” – an extra evolution from some certain Pokemon
  • All trainers are changed to Shadows
  • Increased Difficulty
  • New and Changed Pokemon species
  • New Evil Team
  • Sinned Seven as the Elite Four
  • New Powerful Legendary Pokemon
  • Depressing atmosphere
  • Dark storyline

This one is completed. But be prepared for difficulties and bugs that might halt progress. So save often and report any bugs in the PokeCommunity thread.