Pokemon Aquamarine Version

Pokemon Aquamarine

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Aquamarine Version ROM Hack

  • Creator: AquamarineVaporeon
  • Version: 3.0
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: November 21, 2023.

Pokemon Aquamarine and its eight variants are GBA ROM Hacks of Pokemon Fire Red that take place in Manta, an entirely new region based in South America. The player character mysteriously turns into a Mew and takes on a journey as a Pokémon trainer to figure out how to turn back to human.

Each variant corresponds with a different Eevee evolution. The differences between versions are minor and mostly aesthetic, so it is recommended you go with your favorite!

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Pokemon Aquamarine begins with the player having a strange dream in which the local Professor, Professor Palm, informs him/her that they have transformed into a Mew. The sudden change is attributed to a group of Scientists (Team Tactix) who were inspired by the Mewtwo event that occurred in the Kanto region 7 years ago. When the player awakens, he or she discovers that they have been transformed into a Mew. The player’s goal is then to figure out how to return to their human body.


  • New Region based off South America
  • New Subregions based off Hawaii, Galapagos, and Antarctica
  • Sci-Fi story with a diverging plot depending on gender
  • All 411 species of Pokémon are obtainable without the need to trade
  • Certain Pokémon from newer regions up until Paldea will appear
  • Custom Fakemon include a hummingbird line, a dolphin line, and a tortoise line
  • Updated mechanics, including the Fairy Type and the Physical/Special Split
  • Updated Pokémon learnsets to include a more diverse set of moves
  • Newer gen moves with custom animations
  • Expanded bag storage
  • Dynamically changing Pokémarts based off number of badges
  • Items from newer games include Bottle Caps, Nature Mints, Ability Capsules, and Choice Items
  • TMs have infinite uses
  • HMs can be forgotten
  • HMs and certain TMs can be used by the player character Mew as field effects
  • AMs (Ability Machines) can be used by the player character Mew as field effects
  • Key Item that provides hints for next objective, suggests level caps, and spawns unlimited rare candies
  • Key Items that provide services such as EV/IV checking and Move Tutoring
  • Color-Coded Natures
  • Pokédex accurately shows Pokémon locations and stats
  • Quality of life changes from newer games
  • Decapitalized most in-game text

Additional Features

  • Going through portals gives you access to past or future versions of a map
  • Added static encounters for every legendary
  • Obtaining Stardust usually guarantees the next Pokémon to be shiny
  • You can buy Stardust at the game corner with 9999 casino coins
  • Added several custom items, including two Eevee-specific items and one item per legendary
  • Different endings depending on what choice you make at the Elite Four
  • Post-game playable without saving at Elite Four
  • Shiny Lugia has Shadow Lugia colors from XD Gale of Darkness
  • Shiny Dialga has Primal Dialga colors from Explorers of Time/Darkness
  • Shiny Kecleon has purple Kecleon’s colors from the Mystery Dungeon series
  • Shiny Onix/Steelix have crystal Onix’s colors from the anime
  • Fossil revival brings back alternate versions of the fossil Pokémon
  • When reviving fossils, talking to the fossil revival guy a second time before picking up your revived fossil causes the fossil to be shiny
  • Added a special paradox event at Starfall City, inspired by Yume Nikki


  • Opal – Eevee
  • Aquamarine – Vaporeon
  • Topaz – Jolteon
  • Garnet – Flareon
  • Amethyst – Espeon
  • Onyx – Umbreon
  • Turquoise – Leafeon
  • Quartz – Glaceon
  • Zircon – Sylveon

Known Bugs

None of these are particularly game-breaking, just odd to encounter and difficult to fix

  • Starting a double battle with 1 Pokémon forces either a fainted Pokémon or a Ditto out
  • Using Flash near a portal makes it stop spinning
  • Opening the Town Map in certain areas places cursor in the wrong area
  • If Machu Pichu boss battle faints 1 Pokémon, battle immediately ends as if the player won




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