Pokemon Delta Fusion

Pokemon Delta Fusion

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Delta Fusion GBA Rom

  • Creator: Delta
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: January 24, 2018

Pokemon Delta Fusion is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red.

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12 years ago, a remote region of a group of scientists nicknamed discovered a huge secret. They discovered the most important thing to unite the DNA Pokémon with each new species. All scientists agreed that the results were secret, with one exception. From that day on, the last scientist, Dr. Cleanse, called himself, determined to use his power on the fusion Pokémon to genetically eliminate a Pokémon species who said “less than human”. He created a team of gangsters who support their case with known team Erase. There was a tense struggle and a lot of life, but in the end, Dr. Cleanse was defeated. But before he died, he betrayed that he had chosen a newcomer. His threat was forgotten, everything went well until 12 years later when his disciple made his grand appearance. About that time, a young teenager SproutVillage embarks on an adventure Pokémon becomes an adult and finds the missing dad. We just warned them what to do.


  • Fuse many different Pokemon together and create new kinds which are never-be-seen-before
  • New characters and maps
  • Different events will happen continuously