Pokemon Vega

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  • Creator: Pokemon Vega Team (anonymous)
  • Version: 23rd August 2020 update
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: December 9, 2020


Pokemon Vega is probably the highest regarded of all foreign-language Pokemon hacks. Created by a group of Japanese hackers, it contains a new region, all sorts of new Pokemon and moves, and a significant challenge.


  • New region- Tohoak
  • 181 new Pokemon, plus 56 from newer gens
  • 70 new moves, plus 87 from newer gens
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Rematches with important trainers
  • Extensive postgame including a battle facility

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Pokemon Vega Team, Dr. Akimbo, Asfia, Bevan7, Doesnt, Ganon’s Error, Hawkfire, K1seki, LightningLord2, Lucis, Mighty Revenant, quiggles, Silphver, SilverStrangequark, Toyotasomi no Miko, Z-nogyroP, Wizards of the Coast, Doesnt, Ketsuban, Mighty Revenant, Chrunch, El Diabeetus, Tailes, Diegoisawesome