Pokemon Obsidian Emerald

Pokemon Obsidian Emerald GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Obsidian Emerald GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Skolgrahd
  • Version: 1.3.2
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Released on: April 21, 2024
  • Language: English

Pokemon Obsidian Emerald is a GBA Rom Hack by Skolgrahd based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. It was released on April 21, 2024.

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Pokemon Obsidian Emerald Version is a modernized all-doubles challenge hack of Pokemon Emerald. This is our first rom hack, and we are truly so excited to be able to say we finished what we set out to do: provide a fully playable PvE experience for lovers of VGC and competitive double battles.


  • All non-legendary, non-mythical Pokemon through Gen 8 available
  • Choose any starter from the first 8 generations
  • Updated Gen 9 battle engine with modern abilities, moves, typing, and mega evolution
  • GMax forms from Gen 8 are reincorporated as Megas
  • Gen 8 TMs and TRs are implemented and available, and can be used more than once
  • All Gym Leaders have a unique field effect, heightening the difficulty and giving the feeling that you are challenging the leaders on their home turf
  • To challenge a Gym, Pokemon League rules stipulate that the player must have no more Pokemon in their party than the Gym Leader does. No more unfair 6 vs 4 Gym battles!
  • The monotony of traveling from town to town has been replaced with grueling gauntlets, forcing you to battle many trainers consecutively to reach your destination
  • All the Kanto gym leaders appear in the overworld after Groudon is awoken, offering valuable prizes to those who manage to defeat them
  • hard level cap prevents overleveling and keeps the fights fair
  • Retooling and customizing your team is streamlined with exp candies, vitamins, nature mints, ability capsules and ability patches all available early on
  • Revamped feathers perfect a Pokemon’s IV in a given stat
  • EV berries remove 100 EVs
  • IVs and EVs are visible in the summary screen by pressing L and R, respectively (pressing start returns to the default view of the raw stats)
  • An optional Minimal Grinding Mode is fully implemented, causing the game to compute Pokemon stats as if they had 0 EVs and perfect IVs
  • Moves can be relearned from the party menu! Moves learned at level 1 still need to be relearned with the Fallarbor Move Tutor.
  • Field moves like HMs can be used by any Pokemon that can learn them, regardless of whether they actually know the move
  • The PokeVial from romhacks past is implemented, allowing healing without returning to the Pokemon Center
  • The PC can be accessed from the PokeNav, as long as you’re not in a gauntlet!
  • The PokeRadar allows chaining of Pokemon, increasing odds for perfect IVs, hidden abilities, and shinies, as well as applying a ramping exp multiplier for large streaks
  • The Exp Share has been modernized and implemented as a toggleable key item
  • Many Pokemon have received balance updates, including new types, abilities, base stats, and learnsets, with more updates to come in future patches
  • Repels have been replaced with a toggleable key item, the PermaRepel

Changelog v1.3.2

System Updates

  • The party menu layout has been revamped! Credit: TeamAquasHideout.
  • Poké Radar chains confer 0/1/2/3/4/5/6 » 5/10/15/20/25/30/35 shiny rerolls.
  • The couple in Oldale Town will no longer trade Hisuian Zorua for Unovan Zorua and Hisuian Growlithe for Mightyena. Now, only one trade is available, and any Pokémon can be traded in return for a random Stage 1 Hisuian Pokémon (Growlithe, Voltorb, Qwilfish, Sneasel, Zorua or Sliggoo).
  • Eggs now hatch three times faster than in vanilla.
  • In Candy Mode, all bosses and trainers not in gauntlets have their Pokémons’ levels scaled up to a constant slightly below the current level cap » a constant slightly below the current level cap or two less than the player’s highest level Pokémon in party, whichever is lower, but never lower than two less than the previous level cap.
  • Items stolen through Thief and similar effects are no longer retained after Trainer battles.
  • Briney will no longer sail you to Slateport City before defeating Brawly.
  • Defeating your rival in Rustboro now grants an Ability Capsule.
  • Updated to pokeemerald-expansion v1.8.2.

Pokemon Changes

  • Bisharp
    • Does not appear in the wild » Appears on Route 123
  • Dragapult
    • Can be taught Shadow Claw.

Bug Fixes

  • Your Rival correctly bikes away instead of transforming into Brendan and quickly walking away after being defeated on Route 110.
  • A Magma Grunt in the Magma Hideout Gauntlet no longer fails to load a party.
  • Quash’s effect has been implemented.
  • Armor Tail, Dazzling and Queenly Majesty appropriately protect the partner Pokémon from opposing priority moves.
  • The Relearn Move option in the Party Menu now only appears if there is a valid move to be taught.
  • The weather on Route 119 no longer ceases after entering a building in the middle of the route and then returning to the route.
  • Fixed a bug where obtaining an item would cause some emulators to crash.
  • TM18 is no longer free.
  • Evolutions of Gen 1-8 Pokémon introduced in Gen 9 now have Pokédex+ entries. If you already have caught one of these Pokémon on your current save, you need to see or obtain them again to add the entry to your Pokédex, and the Pokédex+ party menu selection will still refer you to a blank page until you do so.
  • The level cap of 8 enforced before beating your rival on Route 103 now works as intended.


Official Launch Trailer

Useful Stuff


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  • Thanks to u/shino-kami for editing the trailer, and helping me to showcase my hack in the best possible light!
  • Many thanks to @drpez12 for allowing us to use his incredible Gen III medley, please check out his channel.
  • Thanks also to u/IridescentMirage for providing custom sprites!

And of course, none of this would even be remotely possible without the pret decomposition project, which has made rom hacking accessible to anybody who is capable of learning a tiny bit of C. Thanks so much to those in the discord server who provided answers to my dumbest questions. In a similar vein, thanks to Archie from @TeamAquasHideout for creating an accessible tutorial series on decomp hacking that was instrumental in my learning process, as well as to the denizens of his discord server for helping me out with basically anything I needed.