Pokemon New Generations

Pokemon New Generations GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon New Generations GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Naglu
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: April 7, 2024
  • Language: English

Pokemon New Generations is a GBA Rom Hack by Naglu based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on April 7, 2024.

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It’s a difficulty rom hack with changes to trainers and the Pokémon themselves. The world itself has changed, the pokemon have evolved, new moves have been discovered and something has changed about the training system. Will you be able to become the champion in this new and improved world?


  • Added new Gym Leaders
  • Kanto and Hoenn Gym Leaders are present in every Gym
  • Kanto and Hoenn Gym Leaders will fight you at their full power in Victory Road
  • Pokemon type and ability have been changed or improved
  • Pokemon learnsets, stats, and evolution requirements have been adjusted
  • New moves were added and old moves rebalanced
  • All Pokemon from gen 1-2-3 are available in the overworld
  • The rival will have a generational team based on your starter
  • You can select one starter between all 9 from the first 3 generations
  • New and Improved Level Design
  • Gauntlets add new and interesting challenges
  • Pokemon will not gain experience or EV during battle
  • Rare candies are available at almost every market
  • Enemy boss Pokemon will have some EV training
  • National dex available at the start


April 7, 2024 – BIG UPDATE

Added some QOL updates:

  • Now you will see on the stats screen the effect of natures (red is increased while blue is decreased)
  • Learning new move, the cursor now stays on the new move instead of the first, to prevent wrongly forgetting existing moves by mashing the A button

Improved some movesets:

  • Chimeco now learns Petal Dance at level 66, Frenzy Plant at level 99
  • Clefairy now learns Fake Tears at level 25 instead of Defense Curl
  • Combusken now learns Double Kick at level 21
  • Crawdaunt now learns Faint Attack at level 31, Growth at level 43, Thunderpunch at level 50
  • Delibird can now learn every TM, HM, and Move Tutore moves
  • Dewgong now learns Double-Edge at level 64
  • Jigglypuff now learns Tickle at level 25
  • Kingdra now learns Slam at level 18, Double-Edge at level 31
  • Ledian now learns Bug Slash at level 25 instead of Ledyba
  • Ledyba now learns Tickle at level 16
  • Luvdisc now learns Dive at level 16, Iron Defense at level 28 instead of Agility
  • Masquerain now learns Gust at level 19 instead of Water Sport, Wing Attack at level 22
  • Misdreavus now learns Tickle at level 31
  • Nuzleaf now learns Leaf Blade at level 28 instead of Bullet Seed
  • Plusle and Minun now learn Fake Out at level 32
  • Porygon2 learns Charm and Fake Tears at level 30
  • Qwilfish now learns Spikes at level 11 and Explosion at level 31
  • Seadra now learns Water Gun at level 18 instead of 22, Learns Water Pulse at level 32
  • Seedot now learns Bullet Seed at level 2, Sunny Day at level 21 instead of Synthesis, Solar Beam at level 31
  • Seel now learns Water Gun at level 15
  • Tropius now learns Dark-Pulse at level 31
  • Volbeat now learns Signal Beam at level 12 instead of 25
  • Teddiursa and Ursaring have their ability order swapped, meaning that AI will now have Speed Boost as an ability instead of Guts


Pokemon New Generations GBA

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A Huge thanks to all the Beta Testers:
Alex N
E Man
and all the others that wanted to remain anonymous