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  • Creator: OkunoShio
  • Version: 1.12b
  • Updated: February 4, 2024

Pokemon Keishou is an RPGXP FanGame by OkunoShio made using RPG Maker XP & Pokemon Essentials in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on February 4, 2024.

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Welcome to Kyujitsu Island!​

Pokémon Keishou takes you on a journey through the blissful paradise of Kyujitsu Island. The island is protected by four clans: Kusa and Mizu Clan are the Land Spirit Guardians, Netsu Clan protects Kazan in the west, and Yuki Clan protects Shimo in the east. The Kurai Clan lingers in the shadows; despite being reduced to a small minority due to their previous actions, they are constantly plotting to overthrow the old order. Since the current Lord’s time has almost arrived, the island’s inhabitants face an uncertain future…

The Story​

The Elder Lord is feeble and advanced in years, lacking the strength to lead and safeguard the lands. In times of uncertainty, the realm grows unstable. The Land Spirits are in turmoil, with the once dormant Kazan Mountain showing signs of eruption, and the snowfall on Shimo Mountain intensifying. The valley teeters on the brink of chaos, torn between ice and fire. The Elder Four are also in disarray, each attempting to pacify the lands in their own way. Restoring tranquility requires both leadership and composure.

As the Elder Cycle nears its conclusion, it is customary to send the youthful descendants of Shison Village on a quest to seek a new Keishou-sha – a successor to the throne. Among them, the most formidable will ascend to become the new Lord of the Elder and restore peace to Kyujitsu Island. Only one who surpasses all eight Clan Leaders can claim the title of Lord, yet the Path of Ascension holds even more mysteries.

Key Features​

  • Explore the vast, open world style region of Kyujitsu Island!
  • A full story with 10-15 hours of gameplay awaits!
  • Prove yourself to the 8 Clan Leaders and the Elder Four on your quest to become the new Lord!
  • Discover 670+ Pokémon from 9 Generations across the different biomes and weather conditions of the island!
  • Overcome tough challenges in unique Wild Encounters and Trainer Battles utilizing the Mid-Battle Dialogue capabilities of Essentials Deluxe!
  • Gather resources and craft your own supplies to endure on your journey, improve your team and catch them all!
  • Master the special techniques of Terastallization, Dynamaxing and Mega Evolution!
  • Dive into Max Raid Dens and – after you have become Lord of Kyujitsu Island – embark on Dynamax Adventures!

Additional Features

  • Automatic Level Scaling – grants you freedom to make your own way to explore the world!
  • Modern Quest System – keeps track on all your Main and Side Quests along your journey!
  • Visible Overworld Encounters that vary depending on daytime and weather – for a more lively environment and easier hunting of desired species!
  • Berry Pots – to allow for easy on-the-go berry planting to stock up on important crafting supplies!
  • Speed Up – choose between 3 ingame speeds to match the game speed to your own pace!
  • Unreal Time System – days go by fast on Kyujitsu Island, allowing for more dynamic wildlife and faster plant growth!
  • New Poké Ball Capabilities – craft a big diversity of Poké Balls with added effects as well as brand new Poké Balls such as the Wood Ball or the Protein Ball!
  • 4 Difficulty Settings (that you can switch at any time by visiting Ryuzaki’s Lab!):
    • Regular Mode – Generally, the Regular Mode of the game is designed to be challenging already.​
    • Hard Mode – However, if you look for that extra spice, there is a Hard Mode, increasing levels of Trainer Battles and unique Wild Encounter Pokémon as well as modifying some key trainer battles to have additional mid-battle events! As a reward for beating all Clan Leaders and the Elder Four in Hard Mode, there is a special post-game quest to unveil!​
    • Novice Mode – If you are looking for a lighter experience, Easy Mode grants you two additional charm slots and two charms unique to this difficulty setting (charms can be turned on or off at any time!):​
      • Resistor Charm – Reduces damage from super effective attacks by 25%.​
      • STAB Charm – Further increases Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) by 25%.​
    • Classic Mode – like Novice Mode, but also removes almost all additional battle mechanics to make the game more accessible to people that don’t enjoy the battling that much and want to enjoy other aspects of the game!​

Known Bugs

  • Overworld sprite generation may cause the game to run choppy after a while – just give it a quick save and restart and you are fine again!​
  • In some places with many events, the Speed Up plugin will cause the game to run poorly. Slow down the game speed in those areas for a smoother performance.​
  • Dynamax sprites for Generation 9 Pokémon are not scaling properly.​
  • At some bridges, you end up “surfing on land” when interacting with a water tile while standing on/next to the bridge.​

Can the game be played on a Mac or Android?

Currently, there’s no official support for playing Pokemon Keishou on Mac or mobile devices. Yet, you might be able to play the game on Mac using Wine.

For Android users, you might be able to play the game using Joiplay. Check out this guide: How To Play RPG Maker XP Games On Android


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