Pokemon Wings of Chaos

Pokemon Wings of Chaos GBA (Pokemon Isles of Mariyama)

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Wings of Chaos GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Ice Winged Magical Otter
  • Version: Alpha 2
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: January 23, 2024

Pokemon Wings of Chaos (formerly known as Pokemon Isles of Mariyama) is a GBA ROM Hack by Ice Winged Magical Otter based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on January 23, 2024.

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*Formerly known as Isles of Mariyama

“Delve into the unknown.”


Thousands of years ago, a great calamity befell upon our isles.

Amidst a torrential rainstorm, the great volcano of Mount Kaballa erupted in a fit of rage under the moonless night. From the smoke billowing out its throat emerged a monstrous beast adorned with wings of shadow and blight.

The beast polluted the air with ominous dust, transforming the downpour into a deluge of purple rain. A thick and profane mist began to form from the rain, tainting the seas and forests, corrupting the wildlife into heartless creatures of savagery and disdain.

Sensing the disturbance, our three sacred guardians sprung from their nests to meet the beast in the murky skies to halt the desecration of their homes. However, they stood no quarter to its unfathomable power, and they too fell under its wicked influence. Our ancestors could only watch as those who were meant to protect the isles brought untold chaos and destruction to them instead.

But when all hope had seemed lost, a majestic dragon of ethereal silver suddenly rose from the depths of the ocean. With a deafening roar and a single flap of its colossal wings, an enormous gale swept through the isles, dispelling the virulent smog and freeing the isle guardians from its clutches. Together, our winged protectors and the majestic dragon defeated the monstrous beast, sending it back from whence it came and putting an end to the nightmare once and for all. After the storm cleared, the majestic dragon delved back into the abyss, promising us that should catastrophe strike again, it would return.

Today, we know the heavenly creature as Lugia, The Savior of Marya.


You, an adolescent and aspiring trainer from a foreign land, have been given the opportunity to travel abroad to the tropical region of Marya! Your new professor, Sheldon Palm, has graciously accepted you as one of his pupils to help him conduct field research around the isles. You’ve also arrived just in time for the upcoming Silverwing Festival, a grand celebration hosted by the Silverwing Order each year to honor their glorious savior, Lugia.

You set forth on an adventure across the three main islands of OrannaLumine, and Minerva, challenging their respective gym leaders in hopes of gaining entry into the renowned Silverwing Festival Tournament as well as completing the Pokédex for your professor. But as you continue to explore the isles, you gradually begin to unveil a dark secret that seemingly only you can see…

…and it’s up to you to bring it into the light.


  • Updated Game Engine: IoM uses pokeemerald-expansion as the base game engine, which includes a ton of features from battle upgrades to all Pokémon up to generation 8!
  • Unique Graphics: Explore the exotic isles of Marya in a redesigned 3rd generation tileset!
  • Unique Story: Explore three (one as of alpha v1) different islands, each with brimming personalities, and uncover the truth behind them!
  • HM QoL/Progression: Instead of having HM moves, they are locked behind nonessential Key Items you find in the story, and inaccessible areas can be unlocked by using them.
  • Day/Night System: Some quests and NPCs will only be accessible at certain times.
  • Quest System: Inspired by Pokémon Unbound, there is a quests menu that will keep track of all of the available quests and current todo.
  • Boss Battles: Some Pokémon found in the wild that are stronger than usual and serve as obstacles to your path.
  • Difficulty: Battles in IoM are designed to not be easy, but not pushovers neither. Our future goals are to focus more on resource management as well as other game specific interactions.
  • Pokémon Changes: In hopes of improving the viability of some Pokemon that normally would not see use at all, we have modified several Pokemon to make them much better candidates for your team (or your opponent’s). Some Pokemon have received much more drastic changes, gaining a shiny new regional form unique to the isles of Marya! Changes to their stats, typing, moveset, abilities, and appearances will be made to some special Pokemon.

What’s New! – Alpha v2

  • Updated Graphics
  • Story Goes upto the First Gym / Island


Note: For some reason, the game isn’t working on MyBoy and Pizzaboy. So, if you’re on Android, I recommend using Lemuroid.


Previous Versions


The team, Ice Winged Magical Otter or IWMO for short:

  • lordraindance – General Scripting, Maps, Features
  • poetahto – General Scripting, Maps, Graphics, Music (soonTM)
  • ressykins – Story, Maps, Scripting

Many thanks to:

  • RHH
  • ghoulslash – many
  • AsparagusEduardo – many
  • ShinyDragonHunter – DNS system
  • PokemonSanFran – quest menu
  • TheXaman – many
  • Pawkkie – Team Aqua Hideout resources
  • grunt-lucas – porytiles
  • Archie5000 – youtube