Pokemon Mars

Pokemon Mars

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Mars GBA Rom

  • Creator: Far Way
  • Version: Demo v0.1.0
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: April 30, 2018

Pokemon Mars is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Far Way based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on April 30, 2018.


After beating the Elite Four for the 3rd time, our Red feels a little bit bored because no one can pass his Pokemon experiences in the Kanto Region. One day, he agreed to an upcoming project with Professor Oak. He only knows that this could be fun and adventurous. Well, why doesn’t he enjoy this? He and his partners will come to Mars in a space shuttle. However, this adventure is not so easy. There is a problem when he comes to Mars which will decide his fate later. Can he get back to his beloved Earth?

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– Many new alien forms of Pokemon.
– There are no rivals. Instead, they were reworked into a partner and support in your space mission.
– When you meet a human trainer on Mars, it means there is an alien inside.
– They have Pokemon League and Gyms on Mars, too.




Far Way