Pokemon Close Combat

Pokemon Close Combat RPGXP FanGame

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  • Creator: BattleCapacity
  • Version: Demo 0.7
  • Updated: November 7, 2023
  • Community: Discord

Pokemon Close Combat is an RPGXP FanGame by BattleCapacity made using RPG Maker XP & Pokemon Essentials in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on November 7, 2023.

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Pokémon Close Combat is a simple fighting game created by BattleCapacity, featuring an exclusive lineup consisting entirely of fighting-type Pokémon.


Note: Click on the characters’ portraits for in-depth information about their playstyle, moves, damage, colors, etc.

Demo 0.7 Changes

  • With defense strategies having seen a huge increase in effectiveness recently, trainers may be getting a little arrogant as our Pokémon fighters have started to adapt to these changes. In particular, the guard’s health does not fully regenerate after a knockout. Scan the skies for fierce-looking orange birds, especially if you’ve just dozed on the ground.
  • Many Mienshao trainers have been arrested on suspicion of illegal use of combos, although they all insist that this is simply due to what they call the Mienshao Rework! The Bewear trainers were also seen using some new techniques, including a brand new move! We’re working hard to get the details on the new Bewear Rework as well.
  • The aforementioned Mienshao players were released from prison with the issuing of a new executive order, titled ‘Demo 07a’, preventing any of them from using some particularly suspicious combos. Several other changes were also made to combatants with outstanding issues. Although the patch notes for this release may be relatively short, they are all very meaningful!

Community Updates

  • The Second Official Close Combat Tournament in the American League has wrapped up! Chunk Brickson maintains his dominant streak, securing an impressive win against ancla.
  • Don’t forget, there’s another tournament next weekend for EMEA players. Once more, this event will be live! For details on dates, times, and which regions should join each tournament, check the Discord news channel.
  • The next combatant is in development! This time, there won’t be a community vote; it’s a pick straight from the Close Combat League commissioners. Be sure to revisit this spot occasionally! Our diligent reporters will promptly share any news, rumors, or hints they come across.