Pokemon Rusty

Pokemon Rusty
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Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Rusty GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Dorkly(?)
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: 2014

Pokemon Rusty is a GBA ROM Hack by Dorkly(?) based on Pokemon Fire Red. And it is now available to download. It was last updated in 2014.

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Embark on a hilariously disastrous journey with Rusty, a bumbling Pokémon trainer who can’t seem to get anything right! Clad in his signature white glasses, Rusty’s ineptitude knows no bounds. He’s practically clueless about Pokémon and accidentally dooms his companions at every turn.

Rusty’s adventure begins when he stumbles into Professor Tree’s house and adopts a Kakuna, whom he inexplicably names “Pikachu” as a tribute to his hero, Red. What follows is a string of calamities, from getting thrashed by a Bug Catcher to being relentlessly pummeled by his so-called Pikachu when trying to save it from Team Rocket. In a comical twist, Rusty accidentally drugs Professor Tree’s bike during a trip to Celadon Mall.

But the hilarity doesn’t stop there. Rusty’s journey leads him to a chaotic showdown on Cinnabar Island, where he foolishly challenges Blaine and, predictably, fails. However, Blaine, seeing Rusty’s unwavering courage, bestows upon him a seashell as a token of his valor, exclaiming, “This is the proof of your courage – a badge you truly earned!” Witness Rusty’s misadventures, mishaps, and moments of unexpected inspiration in this side-splitting Pokémon escapade!


This Pokémon ROM hack is NOT appropriate for children under the age of 15 as it contains sexual, and drug references and strong language.


  • Enjoy a new storyline, one about the most failed – stupid Pokemon trainers in the world.
  • New graphics