Pokemon RE:Verse

Pokemon RE:Verse

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon RE:Verse GBA ROM Hack

Pokemon RE:Verse is a GBA ROM Hack by sylingga based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on May 21, 2023.

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My objective for this romhack is to offer a reimagined rendition of the original Fire Red, providing players with a refreshing and immersive gameplay experience. By preserving the essence of Fire Red, RE:Verse retains familiar locations such as Palet and Viridian, albeit with altered positions and pathways that inject novelty into the gameplay.

Continuously updating and expanding the storyline is at the heart of my commitment, ensuring that players are consistently enthralled by new experiences throughout their journey in Re:Verse. While embracing these enhancements, it remains paramount for the game to evoke the unmistakable essence of Fire Red and the cherished world of Kanto, allowing players to relish a sense of familiarity and nostalgia alongside the thrill of discovery.

The initial stage of this hack involved meticulously reordering the locations on the map. Drawing inspiration from the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games, I decided to utilize the Seven Islands as a foundation, merging them with various towns to create a series of expansive and intimate islands within the game world.


  • Revist Kanto with new and refreshing maps:
    • Now there are 7 big islands, and some small islands that you can explore. (See Changelog)
    • Changing Bike to Miraidon (OW sprite by DarkusShadow, that i modify)
    • Gameboy C for playing Pokemon Red?? (on development)
    • Expanding Seagallop Ferries destination (thanks to Spherical Ice), so can explore other region?? (on development)
  • Many QoL Changes:
    • Dynamic Surf Sprite (by ghoulslash), now it will shows the pokemon you use when surfing (not blop anymore)
    • Day Night System (by Prime-Dialga), implement DNS sistem and DNS text box.
    • Clock on Start Menu (by BluRosie)
    • GB Sound (by RichterSnipes), thanks to RichterSnipes, now you can hear nostalgic Pokemon RB music
    • EV-IV Screen (by Greenphx9, azimuth)
    • Get EXP when capturing Pokemon (by Ismash, DoesntKnowHowToPlay)
    • Reusable TM, now you can use TM infinitely
    • Button for Running like HGSS (by Lunos), Press R for on/off Running (dont need to press B all the time)
    • Enable running from the start and Bike Miraidon everywhere
    • And many more (don’t wanna spoil too much)
  • Finally, a time-based event, there will be some Pokemon that you can encounter at specific times (Check the TV in Mom’s room)


  • Story: 10% (still the same as vanila)
  • Features: 80%
  • Sounds: 10% (still the same as vanila)
  • Maps: 70% (Re-ordering town and route connections is complete. Now, I need to modify the layout.)
  • Pokemon: 80% (wanna keep 151 Pokemon, but might add new Pokemon)

Known Bugs

  • When surfing, occasional color distortion may occur. To rectify this issue, try to go somewhere else on the map or change screens (e.g., opening the Pokémon menu). That should fix it.
  • After playing GAMEBOY C, the OW (overworld) sprite fails to return to its normal state. I’ll have to modify the script to fix this.




  • Dynamic Surf OW – ghoulslash 
  • More Wallpapers PC BOXES – rethinkcommon
  • DNS by – prime-dialga 
  • Receive National Dex Directly – Lunos
  • Start-Clock – BluRosie 
  • Summary Screen Wrap-Around – AkameTheBulbasaur
  • GB Sound – RichterSnipes 
  • Pokemart item depend on Badge – Spherical Ice
  • EV-IV CHECK – Greenphx9, azimuth 
  • Give pokemon Customizable – Lunos
  • Run Script from item – Darthatron 
  • Pokédex “Seen” – Jambo51, rethinkcommon
  • XY style capture system – Ismash, DoesntKnowHowToPlay 
  • Pokemon uncapturable – Blah
  • Toggling Set battle – Lunos 
  • Toggling Running with R – Lunos
  • snow flakes – daniilS 
  • Change Backsprite – Zeturic
  • Disabling trade restriction – Zeturic 
  • Run Script from item – Darthatron
  • Game Freak Presents – Sierraffinity 
  • Change Overworld
  • Altering Cave – shanem7 
  • Anti Piracy Screen – Mr.Pkmn
  • Running Indoor – socko, HackMew 
  • Nature info+ – Li Yun
  • Aurora Ticket – Foxes 
  • Lunos’ Wonder Trade – Lunos
  • Time-based event – GoGoJJTech 
  • Day/Night Textbox – esperance
  • Changthe Player’s OW ingame – Blah 
  • Battle Box HGSS Style 2 – Ωmega
  • Burn Damage Update [FR] Paralysis Speed Drop Update [FR] Link stone Force save – rubire4, Adke
  • No Save Menu – Blah 
  • Gives starter with Johto – STikER
  • Nickname – Blah 
  • Give pokemon predefined name – javi4315
  • No EXP – Blah 
  • Remove badge checks – karatekid552
  • Pokedex BW Style (EF2000)- ModExe 
  • Pokedex Item – Lunos
  • Battle box – ModExe 
  • Shinyzer – HackMew
  • Naming Screen BW (FR) – Vent 
  • Base sprite – Kingofthe-x-roads
  • Saving Ore & sprite – Lunos, Amras Anárion 
  • Change Town Map – kalarie
  • Fix Unown – Squeetz 
  • Trainer sprite – RichardPT , Brumirage , Eli-eli76 , Clementine, mid117 , hyo-oppa
  • Free Premier Ball – ModExe 
  • Dynamic OW – Navenatox
  • PC Item BG – aiki
  • XY Style Flight Point Icon – Vent