Touhoumon Heart Gold

Download Pre-Patched Touhoumon Heart Gold NDS ROM

  • Creator: Prince/Bratty
  • Version: v1.3b
  • Hack of: HeartGold
  • Updated: March 28, 2023

Touhoumon Heart Gold is an NDS ROM Hack by Prince/Bratty based on Pokemon Heart Gold in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on March 28, 2023.

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What Is Touhoumon?

Have you heard of the bullet hell video game franchise Touhou Project? The one that has been on since the 1990s? The one with the wonderful music?

It has a lot of characters, with several factions of people, spirits, ghosts, youkai, and gods… “How about we substitute the pokemon in games with the Touhou characters?” someone pondered one day. and then BAM! Touhoumon was created.

For a long time, it was trapped in Gen III. But, thanks to Tye and others, the game was quickly relocated to a new territory: HeartGold!


Touhoumon Heartgold keeps the original story of the game, but as you’ll soon notice that many aspects of it have changed. And if you’ve played Gen III Touhoumon romhacks, you will find this quite refreshing as well.


  • Overhauled Sprites and Puppets: Not a pokemon creature in sight… All of the pokemon have been replaced by puppets modeled around Touhou Project characters. Shinies have been added, and some older sprites from previous generations have been reworked and improved. The best part is that characters up to Touhou 18 are available! Most of these puppets will only have two stages of evolution, but many will have several choices and will be developed based on the shards (stones) used on them. Others support, some are attackers, some are tanks… So play around and see which puppets you like most!
  • New Typings: There are no longer the standard 17 types accessible in Gen IV. There’s the standard Fire, Water, and… Earth? Reason? Beast!? Fight your way through the new and unusual typings, figuring out how to outwit your opponents. Don’t worry, the Gym Leaders have been altered to reflect this as well (a type chart is included in the files). Speaking of which…
  • New Moves: New moves, new typings. Flash is now a Faith-type attack rather than just an accuracy cutter. Silver Wind is now a powerful move that can reduce SpD. Killing Bite, Blade Flash, LUNATIC, and many other new moves are available for you and your puppets to try! Even those that appear innocuous at first glances, such as Tackle, might be helpful due to their type. And don’t worry, experimenters: HM moves are now deletable and TM moves are unlimited.
  • QoL Improvements: Not only can you have endless TMS, but you can now max out your stats with vitamins, the game is console compatible, the HP gauge goes much faster, and EVs are now capped at 252.
  • Functioning Battle Frontier: Yeah, it works. Personally, I think it was one of the best parts of the first game, and it was undoubtedly a good feature of this game as well. And, with new typings and characters in the mix, you may now enjoy it like never before!
  • Custom Songs: Even If you are unfamiliar with Touhou, you may have heard the song Bad Apple on YouTube. That is a Touhou remix! The battle music has also been replaced with Pokemon-themed Touhou remixes as part of this hack. You can have a puppet encounter, a gym battle, or bash up those pesky rockets while listening to some great music!

Note: Be sure to visit their official PokeCommunity Thread to report any bugs you may encounter.


Useful Stuff




Tye: Developer and did nearly everything
HemoglobinA1C, Reimufate, AGSMGMaster64, and BluShell: Made most of the Touhoumon sprites
ぱたー (Pater): Made three custom songs
KecleonTencho, a-TTTempo, and ShinkoNetCavy: Made the other custom songs
Bratty (me): Made puppetdex entries for newer puppets