Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Infdev

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Infdev

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Infdev GBA ROM

  • Creator: Nahnegnal and team
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: Mystery Dungeon
  • Updated: August 10, 2022

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Infdev is a GBA ROM Hack by Nanegnal based on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on August 10, 2022.

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This project came to life when the author’s yearly April Fools at the Advanced Rescue Team Discord centered around the idea of a dungeon the player could not finish because it just kept going on forever.

But what if we tried to make it good?“ Well, 4 months of polish, balancing and a scoring system later here we are.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Infdev offers a competitive single-player experience, a lot of quality-of-life the vanilla game needed and updates to existing mechanics as well as
bug fixes for issues the vanilla game had.


  • The very first infinite dungeon out there
    • Your enemies scale with your dungeon progression
    • Every run gets a score and the end to tell you how well you did
    • A rank based on your score where your rescue rank once was.
  • Updated mechanics
    • Updated status effects that now truly impact your gameplay
    • Uniform Item pricing
    • Gummies that give experience
    • Total control over your partner
    • Updates to some traps, moves, Pokémon, and their walk data
  • Quality-of-life
    • Quickly select your moves with L+D-Pad and use them with L+A
    • Weather damage does not interrupt your movement
    • Your mailbox acts as a Kangaskhan Statue
    • Walking speed inside the dungeon is either vanilla fast or even faster
  • Custom fun
    • There is a lot of new stuff here like music, sprites, items and custom code
    • An alternative patch if you want to change up your runs
    • A “choose to be the enemy“ feature that lets you use the Transfer Orb on your team

Useful Stuff

Important: The documentation is in a password-protected file. The game tells you the password after ~15 minutes of playtime.
And yes, that means you need to play the game before you can read it.
This is a design decision, please respect it.


For FAQs and questions regarding the game, visit their official pokecommunity thread



Cipnit (aka Jirt): custom code for the infinite dungeon, new items and custom mechanics;
dialogue, vanilla bug fixes, save protection, traps, various move improvement, QoL,
Quick move select and partner control
Nahnegnal: Design, some non-dialogue texts
FragOnCrack: Visuals and custom Music