Pokemon Fire Red Extended

Pokemon Fire Red Extended

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Fire Red Extended GBA ROM

Pokemon Fire Red Extended is a GBA ROM Hack by DjTarma based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on June 9, 2024.

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A FireRed Remake Project With A Lot Of Advanced Enhancements!


  • Pokemon from Gen 1-8 (Kanto To Galar).
  • Custom Level For Starter Evolution.
  • Evolve Certain Pokemon With Link Cable.
  • All In-Game Fonts Have Been Blacked Out.
  • HUD & Updated Layouts For Better Experience.
  • IVs, Natural Display Added & PSS Icons Inserted.
  • Unique Events (Some Legendary Events Are Missing).
  • Certain Evolution Methods From Male/Female Pokemon.
  • Party Specific Evolution (Remoraid + Mantyke = Mantine).
  • Advanced Evolution Guide In With Game File Download.
  • Custom Wormhole System & Sideway Stairs GFX.
  • Dive Maps For More Exploration & Some Incomplete Events.
  • Revamp Map’s GFX & Custom Battle Background’s GFX.
  • Advanced Move Tutor For 2000$ In Every PokeMart.
  • Replaced Elite Four With The Ultimate Pokemon League!
  • Field Moves. (Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive, Dig, Sweet Scent, Rock Climb, Dig, Headbutt, Drillrun, Bulldoze, Thief, Growth).
  • New Fossil Resurrection System For Gen 1-8 Fossils (Use Thief On Hikers/ Dig In Certain Maps).
  • Safari Zone Expanded To 4000$ (Does Not Count Steps + 60 Safari Balls)

What’s New


  • Lechonk, Oinkologne, Charcadet, Armarouge, Ceruledge and Klawf was added in-game!
  • The left map of Route 05 was reworked and all Pokémon above were added to this route.


  • Sprigatito’s base stat
  • All Elevators in-game (Celadon City’s Cassino and Dept Mart, Saffron’s Silph Corp)

To the next release:

  • All Paldea Pokémon in-game.
  • More content such as maps of Legendaries and Mythical Pokémon from Paldea.
  • Frigibax in Seafoam Island.

v3.5.1 – Paldea starters, Linked Evolutions, and IV Improvement System!

  • Paldea Starters are available to be selected at the beginning of gameplay.
    • Also, a new map at the left of Route 05 was added to catch all Paldean starters.
      In future releases, more Paldean Pokémons will be inserted into the project.
  • The Pokéball Changer System was improved.
    • The system detects if your Pokémon already has the Pokéball used by NPC.
      Also, the Nature Changer System was fixed.
  • NEW SYSTEM: IV Improvement system.
    • In all Dynamic Machines, you have this new option. How it works?
      For just 5,000 gold, you can increase any of your Pokémon’s IV stats by one point.
  • Habitat Layout for Crossgen Pokémon
    • (Farigiraf/Annihilape/Dudunsparce/Kingambit)
  • New Shiny Pallete Changes

This is the most stable update at this moment. Minor additions were made during gameplay.

v3.5 (Bug-Fix)

  • Grookey’s HP Base Stat was fixed.
  • New Tutor:
    • Scald Move Tutor was added on Ember Spa of Cinnabar Island.
  • Fixed a drastic flaw in the habitat feature.

Please be patient, I am doing many personal stuff. I hope you are fine, my friends! See you in future updates!


Useful Stuff


Note: You’re recommended to use MyBoy/PizzaBoy on Android and VBA/mGBA on Windows.

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