Touhoumon Cirno

Touhoumon Cirno

Download Pre-Patched Touhoumon Cirno GBA Rom

  • Creator: Cirnokuun
  • Version: Completed 1.1
  • Hack of: Ruby
  • Updated: ???

Touhoumon Cirno is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Cirnokuun. based on Pokemon Ruby in English. And It is now available to download. 

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It is a series game that has the same gameplay and game style as Pokemon FireRed… but with different female anime characters.

The iDollDex Perfect World Link (v 1.42+), contains important information about the 411-meter image from the current record for the first thirty lines enough. It includes: Image Name, Sprite, Backsprite, Shiny Sprite, Shiny Backsprite, National & Hoenn Numbers Dex, Pre-Evolution evolution, Insects, Gender, Couples, Standards, Traditions, Creativity and Save Collect, Catches Karate, Maji Eggs while defeating Luke. 100 Exp, Base Exp, Base Happiness, Dex Entry, Basic Statistics, Shingai Ita, Numbers-Up, TM & HMs. That’s a lot of data set up, so DollDex takes weeks to complete it. DollDex displays 386 Boneka, so about 25 eBooks are not available for a dollar in DollDex games. They are called De-De-Dex Books. It includes Ho-Oh, 20 Z-Shapes, 4 different Vocaloid Boneka. In World Links, you can only find Vocaloid Miku, Ho-Oh, and one of B-form Boneka. The Z-Designer appears after Aichi, Teacher Zero-Boneka. You can also print Z-Templates in another world when you Gensokyo Championships or give the tchouli Zero coupons, found in the World Links. n for all Z-Boneka Forms, you must restore it from World Link or to another country. The remaining three vocaloids (Ten, Len, Rin V) can not be found except for use. Please note that Vocaloid Boneka is only used by instructors.

If you catch them using a cheat doctor and use them in battle, they will act like two questions, because Boneka does not have ghosts. Note: The Karin enbyou and Karin Vocaloid form the name with the word “Karin”, so Karin Vocaloid is dubbed ‘Karin V’, but Karin is enbyou called ‘karin’. I hope this will eliminate any possible compromises. By losing v1.30 … the main problem has been completed. And again, I added after publishing a publisher in another country. to release v1.30 … my boost in the product is here. I will give more battonians than anyone who wants to keep adding an extra story (like Higan, Subterranean, Garden of the Sun, and more). In the following article (if possible), I will cover the disease and lifestyle and provide some facts in existing areas, create other sprites, and plan a description of the ad. For those who want.


  • New touhou
  • New items
  • New abilities
  • Raised difficulty