Pokemon FireRemix

Pokemon FireRemix

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon FireRemix GBA Rom

  • Creator: VernonN
  • Version: Beta 1.0 v2.0.2
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon FireRemix is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by VernonN based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And It is now available to download. 

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Among other improvements, a player is able to play the entire game and actually capture all Pokémon in the first three generations. Also, you may not notice that you have the option of grabbing the first Pokémon during the first Pokémon. If you talk to Professor Orc without choosing one of his three Pokémon, you realize that you will not use your hand at will and will allow you to capture your first Pokémon. He will take you to one of his facilities and will rarely pour a Pokemon safari ball. Take good things, you will not be able to go back to the area again. If you choose this option, while you are away, an impatient rival chooses Charmander as his partner. All Pokémon that can be called Fire Red and Green Leaf will live in an available area of the regular version of the game. For example; You can find Oddish on Fire Red Road 24. But in Leaf Green you can find Bellsprout … In Ultra Violet you can find both Oddish and Bellsprout. There are two cases that you can choose between two Pokémon. Mount Fuji. You choose between Kabuto and Omanyte (Fossil Picking), and in Safran choose Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan after defeating the master of Karate. In Ultra Violet, both can fight pokemon. This should be done so there is no random site with such rare Pokemon residents. It is silly to find an extinct Pokemon falling on Route 14. 3 Starter Pokemon is scattered all over the earth. They are in a rare and logical position. Professor Orc was a true traveler during his childhood. The Pokémon that has to be traded for evolution has been modified and now evolves in a different way. You do not have to bargain to do anything. Even the 151st Pokemon, which requires that trade in items without trade-in stones, levels, or other logical forms, will now evolve without trade. It is about Eevee and its nocturnal and diurnal evolution. Fire Red has no clock, so Umbreon and Espeon are impossible … not now. (No, no clock was added.) All this adds up to an unknown location of Mew, which spans almost all generations of second-generation Pokémon. Some of the remaining Gen 2 Pokemon that were not originally available in fire red or green leaf was added to the Sevii scheme. Everything in Altering Cave (plus some) is there, and the rest is tucked away across the island in a logical location. Getting Hooh, Lugia and Dyoxis are possible without attending Nintendo events. Travel to the last two islands and take them as if you are attending the event. Buy tickets in the store and take the boat normally. The last Pokemon to be added is the mysterious three. Raikou, Entei and Suicune. In Fire Red or Green Leaf, a dog will be thrown, depending on the Pokemon that you chose when you started the game. The dog is released in the Kanto desert, and you must find it and hold it. And the other two? You can not get red fire or green leaf without making a deal. The new location had to be implemented with a new event that allowed the player to grab the other two. Two correct dogs. So if you look good in Kanto, you can find two dogs that do not play in the caves or on the road. Based on the initial Pokémon you chose, you can find one of 3 in any position. Charmander has Kanto, Raikou in position 1 and Entei in position 2. Bulbasaur is Entei in Kanto, Suicune is in position 1, and Raikou is in position 2. Raikou is in Raikou Kanto Location, Entei is in position 1 , Suicune is in location 2. Bat, you will see a new title screen when you start the game. With TitleScreen (if you press start without typing the name), you may notice that the name of the selected game may have increased to reflect the title of the game. The stores and text have been modified to match the new Pokemon design and new events. For example, there is no sunroof in red fire and green leaf … Sunkern can not evolve without sunstone. Now the solar stones are available in the mart pocket.


  • Edit the Pokémon that is outside the legend modifying it slightly and completely modifying it.
  • Edit a lot of moves, and do not move before you see!
  • Interior operation
  • Capitalization of ruptures
  • Publishers
  • Wildcards edited