Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter

pokemon adventures special chapter

Download Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter RPGXP FanGame

  • Creator: Aethestode and team
  • Version: Beta 1.8
  • Updated: December 10, 2022

Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter is an RPGXP FanGame by Aethestode made using Pokemon RPGXP & PSDK  in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on December 10, 2022.

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Welcome back, everyone! Those of you who have played Aethestode’s Red Chapter (and hopefully loved the hack) will be happy to hear that he has begun work on a new project. Let me be the first to welcome those of you who have yet to play Red Chapter or become familiar with Aethestode’s work to the next chapter (I’m so clever) of our adventure(2-in-1 go!). Red Chapter Vol 2, often known as RGBY or just ‘Vol 2’ by some users, is a sequel to Red Chapter Vol 1.

To begin with, this is not a ROM hack like Red Chapter! This is a fan game created with RPG Maker and PSDK rather than Essentials. This entails two things: 1) you can’t play it on mobile, and Joiplay has no plans to support PSDK in the future, and 2) many of the tools and features accessible in Essentials must be constructed from the ground up by Aethestode as he creates the game, which may take some time! Rest assured, though, that progress is being made. Now let’s get started!


There’s not one story in Vol 2! Nope. Not a single story. There are six (6) stories in development here, following six(6) playable characters: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and two original characters; Pink, and Mystery! We already know what Mystery is, but I’ll let you find out for yourselves! And while the events pick up where we left off in Vol 1, there are a few wonderful additions that Aethestode is working hard to provide! Here’s what we know so far:

Red’s story picks up after the events of Vol 1, right? Well, rather than go back to following the manga that inspired Red Chapter, Aethestode’s decided to storyboard and script out an entirely new story for us, before Red returns to his regularly scheduled adventure in the Pokemon world. What does this adventure entail? I’ll give you a few hints: Shadows, cults, and mad scientists. … You get it? Red is going to the Orre region! Now with 8 completed chapters as of Beta 1.

Many people admire Yellow, and for good reason: Yellow is a truly unusual character! Fortunately for Yellow enthusiasts, we’ll be following Yellow on their own adventure in Vol 2! What is your tale for them? It’ll be following the storyline of Pokemon Adventures after Vol 1, so we’ll get to witness their character growth, determination, and distinctive skills fully blossom! Pro tip: Don’t let your Pokemon faint if you want to fully utilize Yellow! As of Beta 1, there are four completed chapters.

Some people adore Blue, the teenage spymaster and con artist, and who can blame them? Extremely sharp abilities are breathtakingly remarkable! You may now play 5 chapters of Blue’s story in Beta 1, providing you more insight into her origins, youth, and relationship with Silver, the Masked Man, as well as how she became the sneaker that she is today. It’s better than a mid-afternoon soap, I swear!

Green. Gosh, Green gives me goosebumps. This guy has 4 complete chapters in Beta 1, and it gives the player a look back on the beginning of Red’s journey- from Green’s perspective! Get ready to knock Gary Oak’s socks off, ’cause he’s got nothing on Green.


  • Speed Up Button
  • 6 Different Storylines
  • Collectible Shiny, Shadow, and Crystal Pokemon
  • Costumes for playable characters!
  • HM Fly is back! It’ll work similarly to ORAS!
  • Running animation is back!
  • Trainers can ride on Pokemon/custom animation for surfing!
  • Day and Night cycle!
  • Following Pokemon
  • Mega-Evolutions and Dynamax!
  • New Pokemon types!
  • Spaceworld Demo Pokemon
  • Text Portraits and Battle Portraits
  • And a jump to DS Graphics!
  • And finally, a Journal feature to keep track of side quests and bonus quests!




  • Nintendo
  • GameFreak
  • PSDK
  • Cactus Tiles – Hek and Kymotonian
  • WesleyFG – Celadon City Tiles
  • KingOfThe-X-Roads, TheAetherPlayer (shiny), and leParagon (backs) – Gen 8 Sprites
  • SailorVicious – Slateport City Tiles
  • Eurons – Battle Background
  • Aethestode- Story/Writing/Sprites/Mapping/Custom Animations/Beta-Fakemons/Sound Design/Art