Pokemon Derpizard

Pokemon Derpizard

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Derpizard GBA Rom

  • Creator: karatekid552
  • Version: v1.2
  • Hack of: Ruby
  • Updated: January 24, 2018

Pokemon Derpizard is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red.

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This is the funny idea of a development team, they want to replace the main character and other NPCs as Pokemon. And somehow, they have succeeded. All right, let’s see what they have done to our favorite game.

Basically, the world of Pokemon Ruby remains the same as its origin. Hoenn Region is a well-known area for having many beautiful sights and a big collection of foods – drinks. Not only those things but it was also known as a paradise for Pokemon and humans since they can live together happily and peacefully. And this is the time for you – our main character – to appear in front of the crowd. You and your family have just moved to this Hoenn Region from another place. There will be so many things to be explored or to be done here, at first you need to prepare your living base: your home.

After setting up and checking everything carefully, you go down the stairs and go out of the house. Ah, the air is so fresh that you want to go around for a walk immediately. And when you are going to do that… suddenly you hear a panic scream. When getting closer to the place of that scream, you see a man who is being attacked by a wild Pokemon. Hmm, should you save him or just let him there? All right, then save him because he is Professor Birch – the most excellent Pokemon Expert of this Hoenn Region. And when that wild Pokemon is gone, Professor Birch takes you to his lab. Here he gives you a Pokedex and a Pokemon starter to be your partner. You will also have your very first rival battle with the daughter of Birch. You can win or you can lose, it does not matter anyway. From then on, there is a big Pokemon adventure is waiting for you ahead.

In this adventure, surely you will meet and interact with several people on your way. And you will be the hero of the entire region since there is a criminal organization called Team Magma and they are going to summon the ancient Pokemon called Groudon. Well well, Groudon is a god and you have to train a lot so that you can confront him. Do not forget about the gym badges and the Pokemon Champion title!


  • Replace all the NPCs with the sprites of Pokemon.
  • New storyline.