Pokemon Rising Crystal

Pokemon Rising Crystal

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Rising Crystal GBC ROM Hack

  • Creator: Sarns
  • Version: v1.5
  • Hack of: Crystal
  • Updated: July 17, 2021

Pokemon Rising Crystal is a GBC ROM Hack by Sarns based on Pokemon Crystal in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on July 17, 2021

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Pokemon Rising Crystal is an enhancement hack of Pokémon Crystal that aims to improve many of the flaws that the original GSC had, while also not deviating too much in style and feel. Story elements are kept mostly the same with a few additions.


  • Many Pokemon have had their types, stats, and appearance altered to make them more viable
  • Some new evolutions and Gen 4 evolutions
  • Physical/Special-split
  • New moves added from future generations
  • New locations have been added to the game and certain old locations have been revamped
  • Trade evolutions either evolve via level-up or have an evolution item
  • Increased difficulty
  • All Pokemon are catchable



  • Fixed some dialogue being incorrect.
  • Fixed levels in certain areas
  • Added a patch of grass in Olivine City with Pokémon that give high Experience yields to help with grinding.
  • Fixed the level cap for Jasmine being off by a few levels.
  • Added Up-Grade to Goldenrod Department Store.
  • Made Cyndaquil obtainable on Route 24/25.


  • Fixed not being able to enter Whirl Islands due to the warp events being one tile off.


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Sarn, Mmmmmm, FroggestSpirit, Pigu, GACT, Scarlax, BloodlessNS, SirWhibbles, Chamber, Soloo993, BlueEmerald, Lake, Neslug, Pikachu25, Ryta, Rangi42, Pendulium, Weny, Tulip, SuxMenner, Nuuk