Pokemon CAWPS

Pokemon CAWPS

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon CAWPS GBA Rom

  • Creator: Crizzle
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: August 13, 2016

Pokemon CAWPS is different than my previous hack, Pokemon Outlaw(appropriately called FireRed for adults). If you haven’t played Pokemon Outlaw, you should check it out(not for small children though).
This the story of a young man or young woman who becomes a Police Officer in the Hoenn region.
Like in Outlaw with Kanto, this isn’t the same Hoenn you experienced in Pokemon R/S/E. People of this Hoenn are a bit more realistic(by that I mean insane). I’ll try not to be as awful as I was at times in Outlaw(I REALLY crossed some lines that I shouldn’t have to make the game a bit darker) but it’ll sort of be the same style, though really toned down. If you didn’t like Outlaw, you probably will not like this game. I’d also like to apologize in advance 

WARNING: Like Outlaw, this game would probably get at least a T(if not an M or worse) in the ESRB rating system. Also, there’s a lot of violence, death and stuff described/depicted in this game. If you’re uncomfortable with it that, than this game probably isn’t for you.


  • You kind of get two starter Pokemon. (one of them you choose, the other just given to you.)
  • “Funny” dialogue(or really offensive, you know the drill if you’ve played Outlaw). Though honestly it isn’t the same as Outlaw. I’ve chilled out a bit.
  • Grinding Cave(a cave created for grinding levels, really important at the end of game)
  • No Gym Challenge or Pokemon League( tired of the same ol formula, I’m mixing it up).
  • You get to be a freaking cop, that’s awesome! (I think I got the idea from the horribly hilarious movie ‘Let’s be cops’ or maybe from Rush Hour, i dunno). It means you to do all kinds of cop stuff. 
  • Option for female main character- not really a feature but it’s a accomplishment for me. I’m usually too lazy to include a female option. I realized that a decent amount of girls go on these boards(some of you are hot, call me I’m single), so I should stop being a woman-hating pig. just patting myself on the back. As a result, the “story” tries to be gender neutral.
  • Trade evos are by moon stones. And Eevee evolves into Umbreon with Moon Stone and Espeon in Sun stone. Also you can buy stones at lilycove dept store, which you couldn’t do in pokemon emerald. Not really a feature but whatever.
  • Also not really a feature, but I made the move Rock smash stronger. It’s always bothered me why rock smash has always been so weak. So, I made it a decent move in this game.