Pokemon MasterQuest

Pokemon MasterQuest

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon MasterQuest GBA Rom

  • Creator: Team Masterquest
  • Version: Beta 2
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: December 2, 2020

Pokemon MasterQuest is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed.


Welcome to the world of Kanto. A region full of excitement, and adventure. Travel throughout the land, while catching mysterious creatures called Pokemon. To become successful, you will have to battle many trainers who raise these fantastic beasts.

A few hackers who have collaborated over the years to bring you this new adventure. The Kanto Region is not unknown to the majority of us. However, the game Master Quest brings you a fresh viewpoint of the 20-year-old fan favorite. From the screenshots shown below, you can see Master Quest is filled with new scripts, interactions, dialogue, and trainers who will fight you along the way. As you, the player, partake in this adventure, you might find most of these events are based on the show/anime. And if you made this assumption, you would be correct! The inspiration behind this game came from the anime, but in addition to this-there are some story plot points added for additional excitement. Master Quest also features a decision based mechanism where your actions and choices will have a direct impact on the story that unfolds.

Play alongside Eve Green, Bonnie Amarillo, Alan Rouge, and other individuals as you make your way through the Kanto Region. Battle old rivals, and new heroes alike, as you complete your master quest!

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  • Expanded story
  • A unique starter
  • New rivals
  • Good/Evil choice decision making system
  • Potential additional regions




Team Masterquest