Pokemon Giratina’s Legend

Pokemon Giratina's Legend

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Giratina’s Legend GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Andrea
  • Version: Beta 1.0.2
  • Hack of: Ruby
  • Language: Italian & English
  • Updated: August 2, 2018 [February 27, 2024 (added English translation)]

Pokemon Giratina’s Legend is a GBA Rom Hack by Andrea based on Pokemon Ruby in Italian & English (translated by HackHaven). And it is now available to download. It was last updated on August 2, 2018.

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– “The ECO project is a failure”, 5 years earlier than the current narrative arc –
A group of researchers is working on a revolutionary project in a laboratory.
If successful, the experiments conducted within it would allow communication between the pokémon world and the distortion world, which is guarded by Giratina.
Due to the negligence of the research group supervisor, one of the machines inside the laboratory catches fire.
The fire causes the destruction of the entire structure; in addition, one of the members of the research group lost his life.

– “Present” –
Our adventure begins; it starts from a small town, SHIMMERING TOWN, located in the center of the SHINZO region.
Present and past events, apparently distant from each other, will begin to intertwine and upset the lives of many people.


  • New Region
  • New Story
  • NDS-Style Tileset
  • New Protagonists
  • & Much More!


It’s important to note here that, the creator has stated that this ROM appears to work only on VBA version 1.7.2. If you decide to use this emulator you’ll have to run it in Windows 7 Compatibility mode (if the user is on Windows 10). Don’t know if it works on mobile.


Pokemon Giratina's Legend




Andrea, HackHaven (English Translation)