Pokemon Nightshade

Pokemon Nightshade

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  • Creator: Ekat
  • Version: Completed v2.0
  • Updated: March 14, 2021

About the game

Pokemon Nightshade was created for Relic Castle’s Second Winter Jam! This entry is a departure from my usual fare. It’s done, and it’s as polished as it can be given the time constraints, but I have mixed feelings about it. If Nightshade has taught me anything, it’s that it’s made me see my main projects in a new light.

I have to give many thanks to my wonderful testers @Foxowl and @PurpleZaffre for all their hard work! @Michael also did testing, but it was his assistance with coding that really helped get the core mechanics of this game off the ground.

Nightshade has around 4-5 hours of gameplay.

In this game, you take on the role of Giselle, a Ranger for Cypress Park. There is no shortage of work to be done, but Giselle has grown tired of it. As a result, her boss issues her a challenge. Giselle can earn Park Points by dealing with various shenanigans related to her job. These can then be used to purchase Ranger Badges. Unlike regular gym badges, Ranger Badges have more visible effects. They have the ability to reduce encounter rates, accelerate egg hatching, increase experience gain, and so on. Collect all ten to become the Universe’s Ultimate Park Ranger! Or… whatever. Giselle’s boss wasn’t sure what collecting all of them would accomplish…


  • Badge System: The player’s main objective is to obtain all 10 badges throughout the course of the game. Some badges can be toggled on or off. Others (such as the badge that heals status effects) must be recharged at a healing point.
  • Gen 8 Pokémon. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Park Points: This is the currency that the player can buy Ranger Badges with. Park Points are earned from doing certain tasks in-game. It’s just a glorified coins system.
  • Task Log: The task log is here to keep you on track. Not sure what to do? Check your task log. Mandatory tasks are highlighted in red, and optional in blue.


This game does contain the occasional attempt at using spooky imagery. It’s just with some of the trainer sprites and overworlds. No need to fear jumpscares, or anything like that.


Pokemon Nightshade