Pokemon Factory Adventure

Pokemon Factory Adventure

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Factory Adventure GBC Rom

  • Creator: CameruptQDX
  • Version: v3.2
  • Hack of: Red
  • Updated: November 12, 2020

Pokemon Factory Adventure is a GBC Rom Hack by CameruptQDX based on Pokemon Red. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on November 12, 2020.

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The year is 199X. Several months after becoming champion of the Kanto Region, Red is called back by Blue to help on a secret mystery-solving mission! In Red’s absence the Kanto region has been overtaken by a strange mist that mutates Pokemon into shocking new forms, and the military has instated a lockdown! Are you a bad enough detective to discover the origin of the mutations and save Kanto?


  • Gameplay from Roaming Red
  • Selectable starting town
  • Scaling levels based on your team
  • Built-in randomizer options
  • A fully open-world Kanto to explore in any order
  • An all-new story about an imperiled Kanto
  • 190 Pokemon to collect, created by kids in the 90s
  • New locations to explore
  • New moves
  • New Gym Leaders and other event battles
  • The return of the Battle Tent from Pokemon Anniversary Red




CameruptQDX, luckytyphlosion, Rangi, Pfero, Quent, TurboSpurdo, TC, PolandDev, Rool, TC, Ahab’s Art, jdonald, Kaiser233