Pokemon Wally Quest

Pokemon Wally Quest

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Wally Quest GBA ROM

  • Creator: Sofie
  • Version: v1.1
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: April 15, 2023

Pokemon Wally Quest is a GBA ROM Hack by Sofie based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on April 15, 2023.

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A simple, plot-centric game based on RHH’s battle engine. The story is based on Emerald and ORAS, with additions to the main plotline, a new rival/antagonist, sidequests, and post-game episodes. There is also a bit of a catch-them-all subtheme.

Play as Wally, go out and explore Hoenn, make friends, and save the world!


This ROMhack is an alternate reality with Wally as the protagonist.

  • Longer pre-E4 plot up to lv85
  • Additional rival/antagonist
  • Delta and other post-game “episodes”
  • Additional side “quests”, mostly to unlock other Pokemon
  • Various adjusted NPC dialogue, e.g. daily egg, and berry givers, Professors

Some interpretations based on questions from the mainstream games:

  • What if Maxie and Archie had used the correct Orbs?
  • What did Wally’s dad want to tell Wally after the 5th Gym?


  • RHH’s Battle-Engine features, such as physical/special split, Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, etc
  • All Pokemon, movesets, TMs, and Move Tutors up to Gen VII, up to and including Melmetal
  • More double battles. Gym Leader and E4 rematches, as well as some boss fights, will be doubles
  • All Pokemon have “perfect IVs”
  • NPC opponents have EVs and natures
  • Gym Guides offer “battles” for fast leveling
  • EV-training NPCs: Unlockable through side events
  • EVs used as Contest conditions
  • Ability changer in Devon after 5th badge
  • Soft level cap
  • Other various QoL improvements

Additional Info

The main Pokemon changes are regarding evolution in the Normal version. The Variant version has type/stat/move/ability changes.

This ROMhack is intended to be Nuzlocke-able with diversity in each replay, although some battles are not friendly. Prof Oak’s challenges are hindered by the soft-level cap, so recommend adjusting the rules based on that. Single-Pokemon runs are not possible in the current version, as a story point requires more than 1 Pokemon in the party.

This isn’t a difficulty hack, but there are measures to raise the difficulty


  • This game has unkind re-interpretations of the antagonists (existing Pokemon characters).
  • While I believe I’ve avoided sensitive content, some antagonists’ speeches are intended to irk/may be inappropriate to others
  • Some creepypasta is referenced.
  • The story is dark at times


V1.1 *should* be compatible with V1.0.1 saves, but will recommend playing as a new game in case of any issues

  1. Talk to Wally’s mother to obtain the journal.
  2. Due to changes to several maps, recommend saving at a Pokemon Center before switching to the new version
  3. For those with shifted-pocket items in their bag, when loading an older save the game will auto-delete them from the Items Pocket. Unfortunately, they’re not shifted due to the Battleitems pocket possibly lacking space. However, these items are now purchasable.
  4. Possible issues after S.S. Tidal due to the newly inserted detour. I tested the changes but am unsure if I have missed certain states. If you are in or past S.S.Tidal, I’d recommend just playing the current game to the end.


Useful Stuff

Tested on mGBA-0.9.3 and VBA-M