Pokemon Aurora

Pokemon Aurora

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Aurora GBA Rom

  • Creator: vxo
  • Version: Beta 1.3.1
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Updated: April 24, 2018

In the isolated region of Zepyhre in Pokemon Aurora, 1 year after the events of Pokemon Fire Red, you are ready to begin your Pokemon Adventure! Your Grandparents give you a rare Pokemon — a Dratini — and you are given the opportunity to explore and challenge the regions Gym Leaders! However, a threat has been circulating the region — Team Rocket is back, and attempting to take over the Elite Four and the region. It’s up to you to take down Team Rocket.

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  • New region
  • Decapitalization
  • Running indoors
  • Custom tilesets
  • Custom scripts
  • No trade evolutions
  • Typing changes