Pokemon Sors

pokemon sors

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Sors GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Vytron
  • Version: Full Release v1.3
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: December 25, 2021

Pokemon Sors is a GBA Rom Hack by Vytron based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on December 25, 2021.

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A massive Lunar Eclipse occurred in the Hupest region 300 years ago, followed by a full Solar Eclipse.

But this was no ordinary cosmic occurrence. Pokémon began to change colors, types, and behavior… It was chaos.

This occurrence was recorded in Hupest’s history as the Grand Eclipse, and people feared its recurrence…

A few centuries later, an organization was working on a science project aimed at unlocking new potential in Pokémon.

This was known as the Eclipse project. The goal of this project was to find proof of the Grand Eclipse’s existence, as well as a way to artificially induce Pokémon to achieve the state they did 300 years ago… They were successful, and these Pokémon were known as Solar Forms or Lunar Forms.

A child was born in the midst of all of this. Asher was his name. Around Asher’s fifth birthday, his parents decided to divorce because Jackson, Asher’s father, was afraid of what they had created and wanted to halt the entire project. Asher’s mother, on the other hand, persisted and completed the experiments.

Jackson couldn’t just leave Siara with his son and leave Asher exposed to such a risk factor.
While he watched Siara’s business from the shadows, he desperately tried to protect Asher from what Siara might bring upon him.

11 years later, Asher embarks on his adventure and enters the Eclipse Tournament in Hupest, unaware of what Siara is about to bring to the region and his life.

The game follows Asher’s journey as he strives to become the best, and then flows into Siara’s business to bring order to the chaos.


  • A new region to discover, Hupest!
  • A Custom soundtrack: Pokemon Sors features tracks from various, media remixed with my own style with a B2&W2 Soundfont.
  • A BW/HGSS-inspired art design
  • Updated battle mechanics to Generation 7 (Moves, Pokemon, PSS split etc.)
  • Pokemon Sors also features a Full (Almost) National Dex until Gen 7 (758 species plus 48 Eclipse Pokemon)
  • A new battle mechanic, Eclipsing
  • Side Quests (With an actual Quest Log)
  • Day/Night System and possible D&N events
  • Many aesthetic updates (transparent textboxes, etc.)
  • Soaring


Useful Stuff


Note: The recommended emulators are VBA, My Boy!, and John GBA. Fast forward is not recommended.

Mirrors (Mega)