Pokemon GO: Free Promo Codes (April 2021)

pokemon go promo codes

While players of the mobile Pokemon GO wait for the upcoming events, they may be looking for free loot via promo codes. It will definitely have plenty to look forward to for those anticipating the Pokemon Snap and GO crossover game. Check out the active codes mentioned below.

How To Redeem Codes

In Pokemon GO, players can redeem promo codes in two ways: through the app or through Niantic’s redemption site. To redeem the promo codes online, players must go to Niantic’s website, log into their Pokemon GO account, and paste or type the code into the offer code space. The free loot may take up to three days to reach a player’s account.

Android users can use the app to redeem codes as well. They must first launch Pokemon GO and then click the Pokeball at the bottom of the map view. Choose “Shop,” then scroll to the bottom of the shop menu and choose “Promos.” Players can redeem Pokemon GO promo codes there and receive their items faster than if they go through Niantic’s website.

Active Codes For April 2021

While there are usually plenty of codes to go around, Niantic hasn’t released many for April. After trying several of them, it appears that the only one that is still active is the Verizon promo code, which has been a working Pokemon GO promo code since January 2021. It also appears to be limited to Verizon customers; the promo code entitles players to a Verizon-themed jacket and face mask.

LRQEV2VZ59UDA – Enter the code to get two Verizon Jackets and a Verizon Face Mask; these are black shirts and masks with a red Verizon check on them.

This month, Pokemon GO is also giving away one free Remote Raid Pass per account, which does not require a promo code. These items will be available in the shop as a free item that players can purchase. There haven’t been many unique and new promo codes this year; the Gucci and North Face avatar items, which have sadly expired, and a handful of promos giving away free Pokeballs have been the only ones. However, it appears that Pokemon GO is more concerned with bringing new events and in-game activities to players than with giving away free items. Even if they don’t get another promo code until May, players have a lot to look forward to this month.